Tuesday, November 07, 2006


There is something enigmatic about people & places, specially those who have lived a nomad like life. Never been in one place long enough to soak in its all.

I have flitted between so many places. Dhanbad, Dehradun, Mussoorie and now, Bangalore. Of course, relatives as well as the lust for adventure has again taken me to a lot of places, prominent among my memory being Mumbai (then Bombay), Kolkata (then Calcutta) and many places in Himachal Pradesh – that land of beautiful hills and scenic delights.

So many years later, the time has almost come to leave Bangalore, as I had to leave Dehradun & Mussoorie in the past. Dehradun made a very faint mark on my life and my psyche. Mussoorie succeeded in denting that hard superficiality a little more. But it was definitely Bangalore which crept into my heart, slowly but surely, until I could swear I bled Bangalore when I got a flesh wound.

I love Bangalore. I make no bones about it. I wish I could live here forever. Many people love Bangalore for the weather and the Pub culture, but I love Bangalore for what it truly stands for – simplicity, cordial & comparatively civilized people, a verve that is alive & drugged at the same time, and an ambition which is strong, yet subdued. In this place I found the worst of people. In this place I found – better than the best people. People who, unselfishly did everything they could when you needed them, without expecting anything in return. People who loved you like a brother, like how a buddy is truly to be loved – without pretensions, ego, lies or deceit. Bangalore has not yet succumbed to blind ambition, competition and backstabbing. Ask anyone what they dislike about Bangalore, and you’re not likely to hear more than, “Traffic” or occasionally, “Food.” It’s a small place where it’s easier to get across town, and hence people are much better connected. What we call “conservative” today, used to provide us with an excuse to be with our dear ones once upon a time. This is still alive in a way in Namma Bengaluru…

Life will move on when I leave Bangalore. It has to. Just a few more months to go. I can’t live in this fairy tale forever, and I can’t expect a miracle either. I have to go, but can destiny bring me back to my city of joy? I can’t say.

Hope….. floats.

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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!! Dehradun just left a faint mark on you :( *sad* I think it is heaven on earth.