Sunday, November 26, 2006


Is India facing a possible ambush?

On one side, Pakistan, which refuses to budge on the Siachen & Kashmir issues. Infiltration through Rajasthan and J&K continues. India agrees to de-militarise Siachen as a sign of solidarity & extension of the peace process, on the condition that Paki army authenticate their troop positions ( India can't take a chance . On pretexts of de-militarisation, the Kargil war happened). By continual refusal to comply with this & raising deviant issues, Pak is trying to buy time.

On the other hand is China, claiming Arunachal as its own. I wouldn't believe a word of that. China has had a history of usurping Tibet in similar fashion by staking claim over it (The status of Arunachal, meanwhile, is mad more interesting by the fact that according to maps & topographic reports, it is depicted as a free nation - affiliated neither to India nor China. Its another matter altogether that the people of Arunachal would like to live in democratic India than communist China). In a nutshell, China cannot be trusted. The war of 1962 was waged on false promises and deception that there would be no attack. This can happen again, and as in 1962, even today India can be no match for Chinese military attack, both in terms of technology & number. India is fiercely yet diplomatically trying to resolve these issues because it knows its position in terms of power. In case of war, it may subdue Pak, but China could be a much tougher nut to crack.

Many are conspiring for a piece of India, not in the way Govt of Tourism puts it, but for a part of it, literally.

Is India on the verge of being ambushed?

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