Saturday, November 11, 2006


God put a language centre in my brain, and the centre is confused itself !!!!

Born & having spent 7 years in Dhanbad, I was extra fluent in Hindi (a major achievement for a guy who looks Chinese). My thought processes, my compliments, my abuses.... literally everything floats in Hindi. And till I was in Standard 10th, Hindi was the only language I spoke. High school brought another kind of alienation. Now I spoke only English, owing to the crowd around me.

It was a shock for me to speak in English, because my grasp of it was poor. Messy pronounciations, wrong spelling and gross grammar. Years down the lane, The Queen would be glad to notice that I manage not to massacre her language anymore. But I still think in Hindi.

Whenever I am in Bangalore, most often I speak in English. Back home, I speak in Hindi. The transition is unbelievingly smooth, and requires no effort. But back to Bangalore, and trying to speak English again brings its aches & pains with it. My speech starts slurring again, I goof up with words & sentences and the "Ahhh"'s punctuate my entire speech. It becomes a bit of a struggle, and in the company of well versed people, a bit of an embarrassment and effort.

Once the mind thinks in Hindi, it sticks to that


  1. i happened to come across ur blogs during one of my aimless wanderings on the net n m glued to it since then...but i just couldn't refrain myself from commenting after reading this blog of yours...u out of all the people say that your grasp of english was poor...that i find almost unbelievable........your vocabulary is so damn good that i could almost revise my GRE wordlist while reading your blogs......n reading that u started in 10th and have attained such fluency in these years gives me hope that its not late for me either n someday even i will be able to write as good as u do........n i was also wondering....did u stop writing your diary after u started blogging....

  2. HI,

    Hindi,English,Hindi, u know something by the name of HINGLISH......ha ha ha.

    And tell me do u know "Chinese" ? ?? ???

    Now u will cum to mumbai wht about learning "Marathi" .......I m ready to teach u ha ha ha ......