Thursday, November 09, 2006


Curses to me for even mentioning such a thing. My Dad is a relic in today's age. More often than not, he has no clue of what is happening in the real world.

Now let's not get ME wrong. He is a whiz at his profession as a Dentist. He might not have upgraded much, but he is peerless in what he does in his clinic. He is an extremely gentle person, with a lot of goodness and humility in him. Which is why people take him for a ride too often. Is it that difficult for a good, honest man to survive? Do we HAVE to be "street-smart"?Why can't everyone be honest and good so that such unnecessary unpleasantries never crop up in the first place? And that, consequently, we can be more productive in our lives.

I say he is a relic only in such a sense. Otherwise, my Father is a deeply religious & spiritual man, believing in the goodness of man. And he keps mentioning that in spite of all bad that has been done to him, the goodness that he has practiced in his life will earn him happiness and others repentance later on in life. Isn't that foolhardy?

My Father has been such a powerful but "behind the curtains" influence in my life. From what I was to what I am today has been a result of his decisions & also his advice and goading. He has always stressed on the importance of education & of working hard without any shortcuts, because the door to success does not recognise the keys of shortcuts. When I was doing my Dental studies, not even once did he ask me to blindly follow what he does. He helped me a lot with innovative ideas instead, and encouraged me to use my own imagination. When I got back from Bangalore, he did not rush me into his work. Rather, he gave me easy cases so I could get back into the groove slowly & steadily. I liked that... he wasn't shielding me, but like a true teacher, he was teaching me to walk perfectly before I would start running. These are still early days, and professionally I have lots to learn from him yet. I have to be home for longer periods for that. But nevertheless, there is no refuting the help & guidance he has given to me, without making loud announcements of it or without any ego. But is that his undoing? Being as caring and humble with everybody? Maybe it is difficult in this world to survive without being a little selfish - unfortunate but true... That is something my Father would NEVER agree with.

And the argument continues...

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