Friday, November 17, 2006


What are you passions?

You say Music is ... But you dont even listen to music everyday. Your walkie lies around for lack of a headphone long due. Your CD's are gathering dust. You don't explore the finer nuances of music, or the diversity in styles. You are smug about your knowledge of music. Truly, a frog in the well scenario

You say Art is ...When was the last time you sketched anything? Something that made the viewer think. You put in so much of effort in your earlier years learning the basics of drawing, from comics of all sources, but it was an attempt nevertheless. Where is that zeal now? You just did not move on

You say making friends is... But you're still so cold & aloof so as to give a refrigerator a complex. You don't approach people, people have to approach you. You don't even bother to make a sincere attempt to atleast
pretend to be amicable

You say reading is .... And then you browse through books as if you were being paid to finish it at the earliest, without registering a word. You have good books in hand, but what use is it of if you just want to flaunt them and not make use of them?

You say watching movies is... When have you gone out of your way to get hold of meaningful cinema? When have you taken out time to watch
good movies rather than spend time goofing around

You say social service is... Have you ever lifted a finger to help the downtrodden? Big talk has never transformed into deeds. You are skeptical of NGO's, associations collecting money for the welfare of others. In plain words, you don't want to part with your time nor your money

You say Blogging is.... When was the last time you wrote something meaningful? Something with a purpose. Something that you believed in completely and wholeheartedly. Something you believed would change the mindset of someone out there.

Passion is a strong word, and you use it loosely. You are aloof. You are dispassionate. Your affinity does not rest in one but many places. Your mind wanders, and ends up scattered. No clarity. No coherence

You are nothing but a liar

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