Sunday, November 05, 2006


Religion is a funny thing

Religion says that there is God in everything and behind everything. That whatever happens is because of the existence of God and nothing else. Now this doctrine has been partially proved to be false by the advent of Science. Science has given an explanation of various phenomena which till yesterday, were taken to be the mercy of Gods or the wrath of Gods.

Still, there are many things that Science just cannot explain, and in this they accept defeat & accept that there are some higher powers behind what happens in our world. By this, they accept their shortcomings, whereas Religion stubbornly refuses to acquiesce to its follies & warped explanations. It pounces on those explanations that Science cant give and conveniently color it with their own overtones. It refuses to accept the logic of Science. It opposes the use of contraceptives, safe sex, abortions etc and labels them as sin.

There are limitations in everything. Religion just has to accept the ones in its armory...

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