Sunday, November 05, 2006


There are many places people go to find inner peace & solace.

Most go to the beaches, to watch the waves crash against the shore & the stubborn rocks & create that harmonious symphony.

Many sit in parks, under the trees, listening to the coy wind whistling through the leaves and creating a new music with the gay songs of the birds.

Some lie flat on the ground and stare at the stars or the passing clouds and imagine the shapes that the clouds are taking & changing within heartbeats.

Many go to temples, churches, monasteries, gurudwaras, mosques. their places of religion, to find solace.

I have done all of these, but recently, while waiting for a delayed late night train, I discovered another way of feeling calm at heart & mind. Standing on the isolated railway station overbridge, I was introduced to a new feeling.

Not a soul in sight.

Pindrop silence.

Lights in the distance.

The odd man selling to-die-for lemon tea

The loud signal blares of trains passing by, one after the other...

I have taken so many buses and flights, but the train still retains its charm and a sense of warmth lacking in a bus or plane. Whenever I look at a train, any train, I get reminded of the journey home. Its been a long time since I took a train home, but its still a train and not an aeroplane that arouses nostalgia within my person, that reminds me of homeward journeys. It gives me .... true peace.

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