Sunday, November 26, 2006


One of the stupidest ads of our times has got to be the Dollar vest ad, starring Salman Khan.

It shows the kids at a beginning of a race in a sports competition.
One of the kids is on crutches (!!!) and as the race starts, he falls, and shouts aloud for his dad. Touched at the plight of his son, the father (Salman), takes off his shirt to show off his Dollar vest, rushes to the track and piggybacks his child. Needless to say, he wins the race. Does any of this make sense to you? What is a boy on crutches doing in a race? Plus any kind of help is instant disqualification. Hell, why am I even trying to put some sense into this whole thing? The admaker definitely didnt want me to use my brains while watching the ad. The futility of the ad permeates through and makes it such a sham.

But this doesnt apply to this ad alone. There are many many more stupid & meaningless ads like this. Many, misleading too! For example, showing beautiful models for beauty products. C'mon, the products will just improve quality of skin, not the inherent looks. Taking Asian models for hair care products is again a sham, since they have great hair anyhow without much maintainence. I know, I've personally known many of them.

Colas are harmful too, still they are being promoted so much by the wo's who in tinseltown. Thums up actually has has ad which shows an old man enjoyin the fizzy drink. Sure, its not as bad as smoking or alcohol or fatty food, but it is bad neertheless. Cold drinks contain 3TSP of sugar. How can that be good for anyone???

There are countless such ads out there which are detrimental to our lives, whether we know it or not. Not doing anything about the quality & content will leave them to be misinterpreted, but thats probably what they want us to do .....

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