Monday, November 06, 2006


The movie Baghban made it famous. The underlying theme had been a part of many movies of the bygone era. Only with Baghban, did it come to the fore. The core issue of children disrespecting their parents & their wishes.

There are children who are cruelly ungrateful to their parents. And when, in a state of abject dismay, the parents remind the child of what all they have sacrificed to rear him/her, they actually have the impertinence to rebuke them for having done so. These are Hindi Movie dialogues so it’s bound to be a little exaggerated, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually used in real life scenarios. Statements like, “Who told you to spend so much money on me? I didn’t ask you to do it” or “Don’t try to show what all you’ve done for me. When I start earning, I will pay back every penny you spent on my upbringing.”

Would you ever want your children to say that to you? Heart disease & Hypertension be damned, such statements rankle & sadden an old person even more. In extreme cases of exploitation & neglect, it could lead to a loss of motivation to live on. How can they even think of uttering such inanities? No parent (except a few exceptions) would ever rear their child with an ulterior motive. They give their all to the child, as much is possible within their means. They surrender their own dreams & ambitions at times to see you thrive. They work hard so that they can have a comfortable life, and as a consequence, you do too.

And yet, children can be so weird. Before they ever utter such words, they should look back at their lives, and think. Would they have been in the world if not for their parents? Would they have been what they are today if not for them? It’s easy to say, “They have nothing to do with my personality. I’m like this because I went to the best school” or “I have made it on my own steam. I earn so much because I work hard for it.” My friend, you are right in saying so. Yes, you have great success in life, you have the moolah and you have the moves. But what enabled you to get there? What acted as a bridge over which you could cross so that later you could build bridges of your own? Am I making more sense now?

It is disheartening to see such ingratitude in this world. I can only hope that people learn their lessons in time. And if they don’t, God / Bhagwaan / Khuda has his brand of punishment planned out for them on earth, and in his Kingdom.

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