Sunday, November 26, 2006


People come & go in your life

Some make an impression. Some don’t

You feel for some. You loathe some

Butwhat you feel will never be known to others

No one knows what you think of them

Your friends in different places don’t know each other

You don’t talk about them

Your parents worry sometimes. They wonder whether you have friends at all

If yes, then why don’t you tell them of them?

In the end, you are surrounded by a husk of people

In the end, you are surrounded by the cover of seclusion

In the end, you are surrounded by a vacuum


  1. very true...i relate to this situation too.

  2. "Why do we feel the way we do? We try so hard to keep people happy ( and maybe we succeed) but yet, are melancholy somewhere deep down. That was the essence of my post,..."
    You are absolutely right. Thats exactly what i have been doing. Whem sm1 pours out their sadness ofcourse...I offer a shoulder to them, and take upon myself the role of a healer. At this time i dont worry if I may be as low as them. If by sharing a few words of assurances they get the relief they seek...then my day is done. I cannot explain the joy it brings to me, when sm1 tells me they have benefitted by my giving an ear to their outpourings and a few words of solace.

  3. Re: can you understand this?
    Have you tried analysing the difference between 'friend' and 'acquaintance'?..maybe your answer lies there.