Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A visit to a new cafe - The Sanctuary [#4 Banaswadi main road, Cooke town, Bangalore] turned out to be a blessed experience. Run by a pal's aunt, this was an inaugural session. It was visualised as a concept cafe, one quite different from others of the same category. This has a coffee shop, a chapel, an inspirational library & inspirational gift shop. Tiny place, but the decor and the stuff on offer is alluring, and this place was needed in this area too. As comfy as most good places can get. Dont let the size of the place fool you

What I had also not counted on was the presence of this guy called Benny Prasad. Benny has his own music ministry and plays the guitar in a soulful manner. He has preached the teachings of Jesus far and wide, 111 countries to be precise. When we started off, I moaned, "Not again", coz I don't really have the hots for sermons [I usually find them exaggerated & fake]. I was due to take off in 10 minutes for my dance class. And then, this guy starts speakin...... I did not budge from my seat till an hour later. There was a certain charm & honesty in Benny's testimonial, and I liked what he said - basic, and applicable to all. Some touching statements made -

Never consider yourself useless, no matter what, because God is always there for you & with you. The biggest failures in life also have God with them. They just have to open their eyes & feel God's presence.

Give your life to God and God will give beautiful things in return.
Never run after money & fame, because they are not the paramount issues in life.

All our sufferings & humiliations & failures in life are good too, coz they remind us of our roots and keep us humble. And no sufffering ever goes waste. There's always an atonement for it.

Even a broken, miserable life can be healed & uplifted if there is faith. Faith is a very dangerous thing to lose, coz when you have it, you can move mountains

The statement that I liked the most was, "Never give your cheap time to God. Your best time is what God deserves, and hence, put your best time with your whole heart before God."

Benny shared a lot of stories & anecdotes, which are too many to mention here. Overall, I was lucky to have been there, coz no matter whether we believe in a certain God or not, the talk was general & motivating. It urges you to find peace within yourselves. All the fame & all the wealth cannot buy you peace of mind, peace of body & soul. We have given ourselves to the rat race in such a way that we have forgotten the actual good things in life - love, compassion, care, happiness. We've made success and money the sole aims of our lives. Never works, really. At the end of the day, we are still rats, and we have lost more than we have gained.

I had a blessed time, and am going to spend some quality time in that place, alone or with friends. The peace there is elevating

[ For more on The Sanctuary - or Aunty Indrani - 9844079973 ]
[ For more on Benny Prasad - ]

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  1. Hiya,
    i did get a chance to step into The Sanctuary.....well what should i say...i never wanted to leave the place...thanks for the posting..God bless you..

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