Monday, January 01, 2007


It is common now to see most newspapers turning to tabloid formats to retain their readership in today’s world predominated by the visual media. We have the idiot box, the internet, the blogosphere. The newspaper is just a waste of time then, right? A media which is on its last legs & lagging behind in terms of efficiency & promptness?


Because no matter how far we go in terms of technology, this humble collection of colored & black and white papers still seems to have an edge over the visual media at least when it comes to news.

There are many of us who do not get, have or want to waste time watching inane stuff on the net or TV. Such people usually take recourse to visual media only for something really meaningful. It could be a classic movie, educational channels like Nat Geo or Discovery, a favorite sports, or, as for most people, their daily share of the news. Unfortunately, with so many news channels mushrooming all over the world, the so called “healthy” competition is decaying. It is no more just a competition, its war! A fight to the finish, and the survival of the fittest. Each is trying to outdo the other. The criteria for considering a news channel viewable are not good, clean, innovative journalism any more. Rather it is the sensationalisation that attracts viewers & increases the viewership (read – revenues). And what does a channel war give us? Nothing but absolute crap! In the entire farcical practice, the actual news is lost somewhere, and you find yourself watching news which is unrelated, unnecessary, or just plain unworthy of being gifted a slot on the air. And if it is relevant, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s gonna be repeated the entire day, week, month or so, until the next juicy tid-bit issues forth. I was caught in a similar predicament yesterday, when I wanted to catch up on the news, but whenever I switched on the TV, the same news was flashing the whole day on EACH AND EVERY news channel. It was gruesome news, and probably did deserve a good broadcast, but the WHOLE DAY???? As a result, there was hardly any other news that I could latch on to

Is this what journalism has come to? Mind-numbing and senseless? In this age, it turns out that we have to find solace in the humble newspaper at times, which at least gets us more news than TV or internet does, in a compact and relevant manner


  1. i second, thrid, fouth, and fifth the motion....[hope my journo fren dosnt read dis...]

  2. What?!! Someone is actually aware of the ugliness of the internet age upon us? That's something...and that too so young a person(most his age are into...God knows what). Here in the US, I feel like laughing and crying at the same time when I turn on CNN. Like u said, it is repeats all day- more sordid the news the better. The news media is bought out(which explains why Bush got re-elected inspite of his atrocities) and we mostly get to hear of how many turkeys were slaughtered for Thanksgiving or of some such events in our backyards when there are dire events in the world that go unnoticed. Some age we live in!
    Meiyang, I hope u never stop blogging, no matter how famous or busy u get. U have a lot to offer- just by pouring u'r thoughts out from that fertile mind of u'rs.