Monday, December 25, 2006


Fell in love

Not with a person, but with a place.Mangalore. Was there for hardly a day, but the little glimpses I caught, impressed me and pampered my senses. Mangalore is a mix of so many places - variegated. A dash of Goa, a hint of Bombay, a slice of Kerala. And an unpleasant sense of home in the congestion, traffic & crowd.

The rhythmic rise & fall of the roads reminded me of a hill station -
of Mussoorie & of Gangtok. Humid, but in a sensuous manner. Endless columns of tall, slender arecanut trees on either side, providing shade and standing guard. Old traditional houses with thatched roofs & Christmas decorations galore. Creaky little buses characteristic of coastal areas.

Was denied the time & pleasure of visiting much more - the beaches, the uncanny serenity of Mangalore. My purpose was to attend my best buddy, Feblin's engagement.
Her house was set in a place very much like what I have described above. Little time, but I fell in love with the city - small & beautiful

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  1. being a travel lover, enjoyed this short and sweet post.