Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I just love this one - Courtesy, Reader's Digest

A farmer paid a fortune to buy a stallion. A month later, the horse got sick & he farmer called the vet.

"Your horse has a virus. Give it this medicine for 3 days. If it hasn't recovered by the 3rd day, we'll have to put it to sleep"

The Pig who was nearby overheard the conversation

The farmer gave the horse the medicine on the 1st day, but it didn't get any better. The Pig approached the horse and said,

"Courage, my friend. Get up"

On the 2nd day, the horse didn't get any better

"Come on friend, get up or else you will die!!!!" warned the Pig

On the 3rd day, the armer gave the horse the medicine but to no avail. The vet arrived and said,

"I'm afraid we have to put him away, otherwise the virus might spread to the other horses."

The Pig heard this & quickly ran to the horse.

"Come on!!!!! The vet's arrived. It's now or never !!!!! Get up quickly. You can do it!!!!"

Suddenly, the horse jumped up and ran away

"It's a miracle!!!! We must celebrate," yelled the farmer.

"Let's have a feast. KILL THE PIG!!!!!!"


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    The new profile picture, its sub-title and this post heading and wat follows....simply sums it up!!

  2. Aww.... God bless the pig!!