Wednesday, December 27, 2006


No prizes for guessin why

I love the green

Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore


  1. Hello Chang,

    The photo of the Jayanagar road full of trees on either side brought back may childhood memories. You know i used to live with my family of mother father & two brother on the very peripherals of your Favouritest road in Bangalore and now i miss it so much since we moved to a different locality. But all of us always long to once again move back to the very same heaven called Jayanagar, the only thing stopping us is the whopping real estate price this place now commands. You will not believe we were on a rented accomodation in a small house right next to this road called the Laxman rau park road(visionary corporator who gave us this magnificient greens) for a princely monthly rent of Rs.170/- !! All of us three brothers have fond child hood memories of Jayanagar which is actually our birth place.

    I also like to recommend if you happen to visit Bangalore once again to have a stroll in the A N Krishna rao road or the road where Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College is situated, you will definitely cherish the experience.

  2. hi...
    Was just reading through your blog and came across this one...n felt got to leave a comment for this one.
    This road reminds me of a similar kind of a road in Bangladesh, from Jessore to Khulna.
    Does'nt it feel like you are being treated royally as you walk through the canopy of trees?
    Atleast i feel like its like this huge ornate gate, which is welcoming us all the way through..Just awesome!!