Friday, December 15, 2006


I recently watched JP Dutta's L.O.C. Kargil.

And I cried

Not because it was a heart rending movie. No, on the contrary it was one of the worst war movies I've ever seen. Overly dramatized, overly sentimental and shows Pakistani soldiers as complete buffoons, who can't even hold a gun straight. Credit is given where credit is due, and I'm sure Pakistani soldiers are brave & smart too. The Indian soldiers were depicted as nigh Gods, who just walked anywhere & everywhere & conquered all. The actuality is that all the victories were hard won, and paid for heavily in blood & life. For all the supposed truths in the movie,I hated it

But coming back to the point of why I cried. A sense of patriotism, although latent, dwells in all of us. Patriotism does not mean we lambast and launch war against anyone who seems threatening. I cried because I felt for those soldiers who died for us. And there were tears of rage too which kept asking me the same question, over & over again.

Why? Why? WHY????

Why did this happen? Why do wars over the world happen?Why can't we live in peace? Why has land & power become more important than people itself? Why must we fight??? Why must we make bigger & better weapons when they are better-ing the world? The human race?

Our support to our people & our government is very crucial at a time of crisis. And this same patriotism makes you cry when you hear of the brave soldiers who died on the warfront so that we could sleep in peace, meet friends, go for movies and lounge about in the malls as if nothing has happened. Unless it hits us directly, we may never know what it is to be like a soldier... one who stays away from family & loved ones for months together in the hostile terrains of the battlefield. The soldier fights for the land that he loves and the stranger living on that land who he does not even know. A sense of patriotism is what drives a soldier, who in the face of all odds still emerges victorious.

I might forget about this whole episode until I watch another war movie, or until something comes in the news, but while I can, I salute you guys. You, who are as nameless to me as I am to you. You, who are dying so that I may live. You, who are suffering so that I may smile.We owe you much more than you get. You are... the true heroes. You are .. my heroes


  1. Hi Chang
    This blog shows a completely different aspect of really brought tears in my eyes while reading..........just hope everyone starts thinking as u do.......


  2. I love this post of yours. I echo your sentiments exactly.