Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Do prayers have healing powers?

Yes, if what the scientists and researchers in America claim is true. And it very well might be, because there is strong reasoning & common sense to back the belief. It is not divine intervention but a very simple logic that helps us in prayer. Let us understand how. It might sound far fetched but there is no rocket science involved.

We all know that when one is sick, the chances of recovery depend not only on the medicines administered, but also on the state of mind & willpower. If the willpower and confidence level is low, no doctor can save you though they would admisnister the best medicines & take the best care of you .

The magic of prayer lies in the fact that it makes you feel more confident & positive about yourself. It provides you with a medium to pull yourself out of the pall of gloom. American researchers agree that prayers – either in silent mode or by chanting can produce positive vibrations, and such positive vibrations definitely do increase a person’s confidence & feeling of well-being, paving the way for self-recovery

So go ahead. Pray to God, whoever that God might be. God might not come personally to help you, but it will do you a world of good. The burden on your soul will be doffed, and you will feel much better, maybe even healthier J

[thanks to E.S. Sankar, from whose article this write-up is inspired]

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