Tuesday, December 19, 2006


We are funny beings

When we exult, we cry. Tears of happiness

When we are sad, we cry. Tears of depression

When we lose someone or something special, we cry. Tears of loss

When we get something precious back, we cry. Tears of relief

We cry at the betrayal of friends. Tears of hurt

We cry at the benevolence of enemies. Tears of astonishment

We cry at poverty around us. Tears of hopelessness

We cry that we might never achieve that which the rich have. Tears of want

We cry in pain. We cry in joy

Such subtleties of human nature. Cryptic. Mysterious. Unfathomable. Sure makes me wanna laugh


  1. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Did you write this poem yourself??

  2. And sometimes we laugh to keep from crying - might as well, none of it makes any sense anyhow.

  3. lol...true !! We human beings are CRY BABIES. :D :P

  4. Yes I did write this myself. Must've been in an extremely thoughtful mood :)