Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Women may be the gentler sex, but they sure aren't the quieter one !!! As painful as it may sound, men seem to have been right about this all along - women DO talk too much. From dawn to dusk, with strangers or friends, to plants & even the goldfish in its bowl - women can & do strike up a conversation anywhere, anytime. Research suggests that the average woman speaks nearly three times as many words per day as the average man - 20,000 spoken words as opposed to a tiddly 7000 by men. Quite a gabfest !

Now. either men are the strong and silent type ( they may just have nothing much to say!) or women love to easily expound on anything & everything under the sun. Of course, women's love for loquacity has much more scientific reason than mere love for one's voice. In her book,The female mind, Dr. Louann Brizendine says that the male hormone testosterone shrinks the area responsible for communication, emotion & memory, thereby making men less voluble, more forgetful & detached. She adds that women have more brain cells set aside for communication. And the act of talking triggers a flood of chemicals that gives them a rush akin to that experienced by heroin addicts on a high. Perhaps that explains the satisfied glow on a woman's fae after she has talked your ear off! Just ask a man how his day has been & the answer most probably would be a monosyllabic "tiring". The same query posed to a woman would licit an answer that would include a long winded tirade about tyrannical bosses, noisy colleagues, escalating cost of groceries & cosmetics and the utter disregard the garbage collector shows her. In effect. she will recount the entire day for you, replete with all the feelings & emotions that accompanied each encounter & conversation

Women also talk more as they have many roles to play & each role requires verbosity at its best.And by nature, women need to share their experiences as opposed to men who are predisposed to introspection. Of course, its a different story that most women need to talk it out even while introspecting, even if its only to themselves!

A basic reason or marital discord is the man's complaint that the woman talks too much, and the woman's grouse that the man doesn't talk at all. Men and women are just wired differently, that must be understood. While a professional problem will make a man retreat into his own quiet shell, the same issue will see the woman ensuring that her entire circle of friends & their neighbours know exactly what is happening at her workplace and why he ought to burn the place down

Explains Dr. Shetty .. "The quantum of words is always reated to the amount of feelings. And as women feel more, they also talk more. Talking is a way of sharing , and information sharing comes very naturally to them."

So there IS a reason for the constant babble. It seems that in the race of the motor mouths, women are the sole contenders & winners, even though by default !!

Paraphrased from TimesLife, Dec17th, Abha Srivastava

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