Saturday, January 20, 2007


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Are there days when everything that can go wrong DOES?

I don’t believe in that, because I assume no one can have THAT bad a day. If you look back, you always realize that things could’ve been WORSE. Keeping that in mind, you thank your stars and count your blessings. However, I do believe in days going horribly haywire. And the 19th proved to be just that.

He wakes up later than he usually does, feeling a little off. Something just doesn’t feel right. He drags himself out of bed and saunters off for his customary morning walk. The morning is colder than usual, and of his liking. After the initial heaviness post wake-up alarm, this seems like heavenly manna. Boy! If only he knew what lay ahead

He returns to unload his gastric baggage. He takes his seat and the first sound he hears is “CRACK!!!” The toilet seat gives up on him & his weight. He mutters profanities at the household-help for not having the seat replaced when it should have been. The daily routine done, he steps out, and to his bewilderment finds the house flooded. There is commotion and a coterie of strangers, shouting at each other in their regional language. One of the pipes in the kitchen has burst and the water has inundated the entire living room, and unfortunately, his room as well (due to the proximity). There they are, him and the strangers ( he later comes to know they had come to help clean up the mess) on their haunches, with mops and brooms and what have you, clearing up the deluge. Fortunately, no damage done to the many electrical items lying around.

After getting rid of the mess (and having invented many more swear words) he gets down to finishing his morning paper. He then gets down to some important work on the net. Lo and behold, within minutes of logging on, the desktop sparkles with umpteen virus alerts. His anti-virus is unable to heal them, and that sends him into a panic-ful tizzy. He makes a number of frantic phone calls for help. He gets a lot of suggestions and finally he sets his computer back to almost perfect condition. The entire afternoon is lost in Operation Clean up (house and computer).Two viruses still lurk on his computer and he curses that he will have to visit the computer shop now to quarantine them

Early evening and he gets a phone call. An invitation for a movie. He accepts, and sets out. Barely 200 meters away from home, an old man is crossing the road absent mindedly. He is riding at a speed of 50. The tyres shriek. The bike skids. The old man survives. Fortunately, so does the rider. His breathing is shallow, a hint of sweat on his brow. That was a close one, he concurs. The old man is still in his own world, and walks off without an apology. He moves on. There is a big traffic jam. He tries to cut across, take a few short cuts. The cop stops him and grills him. The cop wants moolah. He bribes the cop and gets away without possible severe punishment. Then he gets another call. His friend tells him that the movie is for 10 pm and not 7:30pm, and that he was playing a prank on him!!!

Dazed, he returns home. He wonders if a single day can have so many negative possibilities. He spends some time at home, reading. Nearing 10 pm, he zooms off on his bike once again towards the multiplex, 45 minutes away. En route, he encounters an enraged mob (he will later come to know that there had been a great hullaboo in that region that day and he was lucky not to get embroiled in it) – he is fortunate to be one of the last people the mob lets go. He has to now take a long detour and makes it in time for the movie. The movie is good, but the bad day doesn’t end there. There is a misunderstanding within the group and he has to exchange a few words. Suddenly, it is a time past 12. Past THAT day. And things return to normal again. He gets back home by 1, and sleeps soundly … atleast till 6 a.m. in the morning when for some inexplicable reason, his roomie switches on the fan in the extremely cold Bangalore mornings.

All he can do is sigh. Is this day going on the footsteps of the previous one? He will wait and watch… He just thanks God that things were not worse than they were


  1. a post in first person...liked it.
    prank...bad call. hope u dint hurt urself!
    read abt the riots, on the ndtv site this morn.
    hope everythings ok at your place today.

  2. ur a really good writer..i personally hate reading..books or whatever...but i love reading ur blogs!!.. :)