Monday, January 22, 2007


[Image courtesy : somewhere on the web]

Sunshine played games with dewdrops
Shadows touched me as might a stranger
Stranded between the cold sun and colder shadows
I took the suffering of the mountains on my hands

I came to a path with many doors
Each door leading to the past and future
A hand progressed, stopped, withdrew
Meant to end, and an end in itself

The end mirrored the beginning
The beginning of forever
Forever was a long eternity
A broke mirror, a broke man

I let you live
I let you cry
I let you laugh
I let you die

Broken wings
And flightless pain
All for nothing, nothing for all
Cut me in two, and took the better half

Yet another sunshine
The world looked the same
The gnawing empty feeling
The very hollow shame

I wrote this poem, albeit in a haphazard manner, a few years ago. I tried to put some sense of order into it but I guess I must have been in a state of extreme mental turmoil to have written this. I do not remember what provoked me, and try as I might, the poem remains abstract and stormily distraught.


  1. hi Meiyang,i happenend to read ur poem "Broken Wings" n let me tell u it's really a fantastic poem. many of my poems also are out come of my abstract i just loved it. n not only the poem but the other details of ur experience(travel,etc..)are eqally interesting.

  2. hi Meiyang,let me tell u that ur poem "Broken Wings" is fantastic. many of my poems r also the outcome of my abstract thoughts. n not only the poem but the oter details of ur experience(travel,etc..)r also equally interesting.

  3. hi Chang,

    I read ur poem. several thoughts crossed my mind. in just a blink of eye, i saw so many pictures moving in front of me. i saw god moving my soul from one body to another and my mind exhausting me. in this hopeless situation, i find my self A helpless. but still the life seems to go on. i dont know why these words came from your thoughts, but its good u wrote them down, you must have felt at peace, then. Bye and take care.

  4. Hi there,
    First of all I must say that u are blessed wid many talents.
    Well its not as haphazard or distraught as u think(de poem). Though its a complex poem with more than one abstract thought but have you considered being an author? Not a poet as it might be beyond the limits of people with inadequate comprehension abilities(like me) to understand this fine masterpiece of Shakespeare's level(hehe). Coz after reading ur blog I think that you have a great potential of being one... Give this a thought :))