Tuesday, January 02, 2007


" Never put off until tomorrow, what you can put off till next week"

There is an uncanny way of morphing proverbs to suit your own purposes, and most of them are to justify procrastination. In that category falls the making of New year resolutions. Why we make them on this day alone? Is it a ploy to delay the inevitable? Or just a front for what is not intended to be completed anyway

The time is now.Not that which has already passed, nor the dawn that heralds a new day. Every single mornign signals a new day, a new beginning. It is not only symbolic but also very real. So why should we procrastinate & wait for a special day to make our resolutions? Why measure life by dates on the calendar when every day is a plethora of possibilities waiting to happen? If the intention is to improve one's life, then the time to act on it is now! Have resolutions that have been piling on ? "I'll quit smoking. I'll lose weight. I'll spend wisely. I'll spend more time with family." C'mon ! Surely leading a better life need not wait that long. These need the now and need an effort. Merely thinking about it is as good as chucking the blueprints into the bin.

The argument is that special days and special events have an emotional value. Like, you consider New year eve as a new beginning, and want to start anew from that day. Or a birthday, which reminds you of a friend & gives you the excuse to call him/her, although you've been meaning to do it for quite some time. Certain days force you to recognise the importance of people & ideas. But waiting to do these things is just tabling a lousy excuse to put off until tomorrow what ought to be done today. Must good & favorable things wait for a special day?

Show how much you love someone today.
Show how much someone means to you today
Show that you have the resolve to make promises & stick by them today

Either do it in the now, or don't do it at all. Don't look for excuses to make a resolution or a promise to yourself or others


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  1. new year...new looks...nice (wow alliteration)!!