Thursday, January 11, 2007


Two things crossed my mind lately

1) What Mr. D sez about the present state of blogging is unfortunately true ( , and it inspired me to be a little more creative with my blog. How far I succeed will be measured in terms of sand that drains into the other end of the hourglass.

2) I also realised that my blog is becoming a mix-bag, with no definite identity. Hereafter, I plan to segregate the content into different blogs, for my sanity, and my convenience

With these things in mind I have created my 1st off-shoot, VERBATIM,only for quotes, jokes, articles etc that I like. Another off shoot to display (and show off...hahaha) my cartoons and sketches is in the pipeline. I hope this will begin a better chapter in my blogging, and will not confuse me further. LOL :) As I often tell my friends, Multi-tasking is definitely NOT my forte. Quite some effort is required of me here, and I am going to try doing a good job, to my satisfaction

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  1. A wish full of good wishes and congratulations for the new blog...verbatim!