Friday, January 19, 2007


[Photos from untrustworthy.fotolog]

So who should he trust? There are many who need help, and he isn’t proactive or concerned enough, or lacks the time to indulge in social service (yeah, yours’ truly is one of those hypocrites).

But every now & then he gets the opportunity to help his fellow human being in some way or another, however minor or insignificant. Then why does he feel so let down when these old men come to him for help?

On the very same street, he has come across elderly gentlemen, with the same story (some originality please!!!). In the past 10 months, it has happened 6 times. Maybe that ain’t such a big number, but the dilemma lies in the details of the story. These gentlemen are always in the same predicament – they have lost their bus pass, have no money & have no one to call to pick them up. They start off with a honey (and milk and sugar) coated tongue about their travails, and then pop the golden question,

Can you please lend me some money?”

The skeptic in him refuses outright, because he doubts the money would be put to good use. But he does not shy away from helping an old man. He says, though he cannot offer monetary assistance, he would be glad to offer transport in person, or other such help. He gets a disgusted look from the old man, who walks away without a word, and that pushes him deeper in his self-styled abyss of skepticism. He ponders that some of those gentlemen may have genuinely required help, but he would never know. He remains disheartened and begins to believe, reluctantly, that honesty is a dying quality and everyone is out to con the other.


  1. im like d lead in ur post...except dat i dont believe or wonder abt the man's situation...cos if ur smartly human u wud no wats true n was not...[or i wud like 2 think so]

  2. Hi. i kind of stumbled upon this post of yours. funny the way blogger searches work!
    i read the piece and loved it. you used simple words but made a profound statement. i found the article very intense. keep up the good job!