Tuesday, February 20, 2007


From courtship to engagement to marriage…

It’s been one long ride for Feb and Zimmy, and no one could be happier than me

Feb and Zimmy got married on February 11th, 2007. It was a very, very joyous occasion for all of us. Dips, Punit, Shweta, Nitu and me reached Mangalore, unfortunately just missing the nuptial vows (big letdown!!!) But we were witness to the rest of the proceedings, which brought laughter and fond memories. This moment of intense joy also brought with it a tinge of sorrow as marriage always brings distances in friendship. I’ve known Febla for so many years, and no matter what has happened, she’s always been there for me. I shudder to think if that should change now, as priorities do differ post-marriage.

But then, I think over, and am glad that I know she will be very happy with Zimmy, who loves her a lot and will take good care of her. My love and prayers will always be with them, and here, with all my heart, I wish them an extremely HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!!!



  1. hey! yeah i agree with you that distances do come once a person is committed. but i guess we have to move on and secondly the person will still be there when we need them. so is ur next post gonna be on indian idol? good luck for the contest!

  2. hi chang,
    well sorry for this as i am no one to comment on this very part of ur blog but trust me this is one of the simplest yet really a brief way to talk about some great feelings and emotions of one's friends and also taking a hearty part in ur friend's happiness.....
    .........ur frnds feb & zimmy wud love this ..as u have been a true part of their happiness
    i hope u really don't mind me giving a comment[i probably might have no buisness commenting on one's personal feelings]
    ..................lakshmi swain