Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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Like, why do I get this horrid feeling that by the time the world actually DOES wake up to the imminent threat of global warming, the water would’ve already gone way over our heads? An article stated that it is unfortunate that our lifestyle today is such that we cannot do without it. And this is this lifestyle that is contributing to the widening hole in the ozone layer, the degree by degree increase in temperature, the shrinking glaciers and the increasing water levels all over the globe. Some claim that the recent increase in the occurrences of hurricanes, unseasonal rainfall, droughts, snowfall and tsunamis are a direct consequence of this phenomenon. Whether it be true or not, there is no denying that Anthropogenic (human-induced) warming of the climate system is widespread in the atmosphere, and the oceans. We are literally, swinging the axe on our own feet

This would not only mean the end of Christmas, but the end of civilization as we know it – water shortage, land degradation, dropping crop yields, floods etc. If the previous civilizations were wiped out by the Ice Age or Meteor impacts, then ours might very much be the victim of some hard-core roasting and water-dunking. The fate depicted by Hollywood blockbusters could very well be a reality soon. There will be no running away. No hill stations to escape the brunt of the heat. No high ground to escape the swelling oceans. This means that countering steps have to be taken NOW! We may not be capable of making a huge impact, but there are definitely small steps we can take to make our lives safer.

Plant more trees - We all know the multiple benefits of these, don’t we?

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Conserve energy - When not in use, or not required, switch off all electronic items or power-run gadgets/appliances/mechanisms. This INCLUDES even those outside your house – be it in galleries, other’s houses, new places or a place where you are put up temporarily. Often the thought that perverts us is that it isn’t my place. It isn’t my home. Why should I bother? Look around and you’ll realize, this world is your home, and everything in it is something you can take care of. The conservation will insure that fossil fuel use is brought down, as well as give time to think over new biocompatible and feasible sources of energy. This brings down emissions. Tim Flannery states that every time we switch on a light or drive a car or cook a meal, we release some CO2 into the atmosphere which stays there for almost a century!!!! It’s not possible to give up our way of life today. We’ve come too far for that, but saving energy and reaping its benefits is still in our hands. Till the Government and the Research teams come up with alternates to the existing modes of energy production and put in stringent measures for conservation & emission control, we can do our part as ordinary citizens. Small actions on our part can make the world a better place to live in. It’s not only going to help your country, it’s gonna save the world…

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Breast augmentation surgeries have united many broken marriages, getting rid of the sag in the women’s assets as well as in their relationships

So says one Venkatesh, plastic surgeon and cosmetologist. It was disheartening to read this blasphemous statement which effectively erodes the very fabric of a successful and happy marriage – which I hope is still faith, love and respect for your partner. If the completeness of a marriage is really being gauged by a woman’s “ampleness”, then it’s a shameful age upon us…


  1. Chang bro, I agree that faith,love and respect for your partner are the foundation of a good relationship. But I don't find anything blasphemous in what the surgeon has to say. One severely underrated factor in keeping a good marriage going is the continued presence of mutual attraction.

    Have you observed couples who have spent about 2-3 years together complaining that their spouse seems to be a different person from the one they fell in love with? That is because we start doing unattractive things after exchanging marital vows - not caring about the way we look, the way we present ourselves, our own individual lives,intellectual development, interests and friends. Most married people I know, even those who went in for a "love marriage" are horribly bored with each other and almost have no sex life after the first couple of years.

    Small little attempts to spice up your married life go a long way. A boobjob doesn't sound bad at all to me.

    And yes, we should all go plant some trees man. I feel like shit for never having planted one in my life.

  2. ~jax: thanks...u said it all...am at a loss of words...too stunned!
    can see how serious u r abt studies...and incidentally u r the 1100 visitor too!! now to comp the 1's , staking the claim for 1111 too?

  3. I pretty much share your concerns over climate change. Even though it’s a problem at the global scale, the sad part is, it’s the developing countries which have to bear the burnt of development of the developed countries. The developmental and environmental goals are not antithetic to each other. However, they could be reconciled only with so much initiative from the developed countries.

    P.S. You are putting up a pretty good show out there. Keep up the good work. And even if you don’t, you are definitely getting my vote for having written this post :).

  4. hi chang,

    thanks for this comment.

    i am so glad that you said this. it is shameful that someone's ampleness becomes the way to unite broken marriages. people seem to fail to realize that external beauty is but transient and that couples can only be happy if both men and women are appreciated for a number of other attributes besides physical attractiveness.

    after all - plastic surgery can't continue forever, can it?

  5. Anonymous5:32 AM

    adding to " think, act, conserve" I would also like to say "reduce, recycle and reuse". we didn't had white Christmas since last 2 years and no signs of winter at all- apg