Saturday, September 29, 2007



It's been an extremely, excruciatingly painful pseudo separation that me & my blog have suffered for quite some time. Almost 5 months of Indian Idol and what do I have to write about it??? Loads, I'm sure. But at the same time I know that putting everything into words may nigh be impossible, because sometimes there are things that you can just experience and not relate. The Indian Idol journey is a part of me, and I shall try my best to put it forward. I wasn't able to keep a journal during this sojourn because I was busy and I prefer typing anyday over writing as well. Methinks I shall have to rely a lot on memory (which fails me often) and walk down that path again. So many months of speaking in Hindi (the language of choice when I speak) has taken the sheen off my English vocabulary a bit. As my favorite line goes, "I shall try my best."

But hey ! This blog isn't about my journey, atleast not yet, because the recounting of that magical voyage will take some time. For now, all I want to do is thank each and every person who has appreciated my work, my voice, my sincerity and has accepted me as I am, and in spite of what I am. Believe me, it is YOU who have given me newfound confidence and have also taught me that there is something good for good people out there :) YOU, whereever you may be, young or old, male or female - people of the world, you've made me a new person. Many people ask me , " How does it feel to be a celebrity?" - and although I've never used this answer, the reply that comes from the depths of my heart is that the best thing about being a celebrity is the power to make someone smile.... A smile is worth a thousand words, and if I can make people smile through my words, my voice and my smile ;) then I consider my life fulfilled.

Thank you very, very much. Life has changed a lot, for the better . But remember this, I remain the same always. I may not be able to reply to everyone. I may not be able to accept friend requests. All I can say is that YOU reside in my heart, and I can never ignore you.

Thank you for all the love. It takes a lovely person to give love, and I am fortunate to have recieved this love from such special people

Bye for now