Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sonnets have been written for people in love. Love ballads get splashed all over our senses, day in and day out. Where does the inspiration come from?. Love is an all consuming emotion. Only those who feel the pangs of this 4 letter word may understand the meaning behind the mushy songs and sweet nothings. He blogs in English, but when it comes to inspired poetry, he falls back on the time-tested cupid language, Hindi. Who is it that inspired the outburst of emotion-laden words? A secret shared, between him and God ;)

Gustakhi maaf.

Dil ka khitaab de baithey.

Gustakhi maaf .

Chain bhari neend kho baithey.

Jaagey rahey saari ratiya,

Nainan me tum hi muskuraaye.

Kaleje se nikalti reh gayi

Ek bebus si uff, ek thandi si haay.

Pakad ke haath mera

Ungliyo se khelti rehi tum.

Ghabrati to nahi par

Thoda sharmati reh gayi tum.

Nazrey mil nahi paayi

Kyunki jhuki jhuki thi tumhari palkey.

In palkon par aas bithayein

Kya mere they wo sapney?

Duniya ki awaaz mein mazboot magar

Bacchey se hum tumhaari aagosh mein.

Ye aagosh bhi lekin pal bhar ka raha

Tum door chal padey, hokar befikar.

Aasani se keh diya

Jaao iss zindagi se uss zindagi tak,

Mujhe bhool jaao, mujhe yaad mat aao

Yehi badbadati rehi kismet.

Ye khamoshi
Jeeney na degi

Ghol do isey ishaaro mein

Kya sochti ho, bolo zara.

Goonjney do dhadkan in hawaao mein

Ab yaadon ke kamrey me bechain kyon hoon

Is bhari bheed me bhi tanhaa kyon hoon …

Tanha, tanha

Lamha, tanha

Gustakhi maaf


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  2. Chang RULE! :D

  3. whoa :), smell something fishy, btw nice one

  4. Hindi maloom nahi. Please translate!

  5. hi boss.

    Wht is this??? poem pe poem...........kya baat hai.......kaun hai woh???.......jisne aapki ninde churiya........Hota hai hota hai.......just kidding.........yaar......but this is really awesome......... even i have some of my own poem......i know its give plessure to write our own thoughts.........keep it up
    ......waiting for ur more poems


  6. Hey chang did u write this yourself...?If so it's really nice,I also write alot of poetry( gone a long way after that book released.
    If you wrote this yourself...hats off to you..:)keep it goin

  7. Wow Chang!!! I believe that people who have an ear for music(needless to say- u are the guy with the soulful voice) also possess that rhthm in poetry--it is true in your case. Aapki shaayari mann ko lubhati hai!
    You ought to hone your poetic voice and keep at it. It is impressive. Seriously dude, you are a torrent of talent. On a different note, I hope you find or have found that special girl who is deserving of you, someone who can truly see the wonderful concoction that you are! I hope your goodness, goofiness, intensity and passion are not lost on her. Good Luck with everything!

  8. Lovely poem & equally gud image.. I like those strong emotions being projected in the image..

  9. We (me and my sister) really appreciated that even with your busy schedule, you are expressing your thoughts. We loved both of your poems.

  10. your poetry is also fabulous!!! loved both peoms, for indian idol, and the love song! thanks for sharing them!!!

  11. Me 2 interested in poetry
    I've n awesum piece about luv
    if u want u can add it 2

    kabhi tum ne ye bhi socha
    k tumhare dil girifta
    tumhain kitna chahte hain
    tumhain zindagi se berh ker
    jo azeez hum ne jaana
    so koi sabab to hoga
    kabhi tum ne ye bhi socha
    ye jo chara gar humare
    koi saa'at koi rafaqat
    ser-e-shaam maangte hain
    inhain kya khabar k hum ne
    tumhain sonp di hain raatain
    tumhain daan ki hain raatain
    kabhi tum ne ye bhi socha
    k tumhare dil grifta
    pas-e-baam-o-dar akele
    kisi shama-e-sookhta se
    ye jo ker rahe hain baatain
    tumhain kitna chahte hain
    tumhain roz-o-shab k dukh mein kabhi bhoolna bhi chahain
    to kabhi na bhool paayen
    k ye ehd-e-zindagi hai
    jise torna bhi chahain
    to kabhi na tor paayen
    (u'll definitely like it if u get it:))

  12. Dayum C! That was awe-inspiring! Wish I could write poems like that... heck wish I could at least write a limerick that rhymed!

    That must be some special person who has inspired such words! :)

    - Farah

  13. hey meiyang dat was really a touching poem dear it was like almost i got tears in kmy eyes coool one really touching thanks for sharing it wid us

  14. hey meiyang dat was really a touching poem dear it was like almost i got tears in kmy eyes coool one really touching thanks for sharing it wid us

  15. You have an interesting style of writing, much like your singing.

    You held me fascinated during Indian Idol, I hope you continue doing the same to those around you as you move on in life.

    PS: word verification is 'zewdi', quite reminds me of bevdi, a sure possibility if I am actually fan commenting :)

  16. aapki shayari subhan allah :)...mar dala hai tumhare en khayalo nai...someone out there is really lucky!!!

  17. Dude this is jut to say that you do have a very different a melliflous Javed Akhtar said, "Chang ki awaaz main sukoon hain"...i hope you keep up your singin in the future as well..good luck man,

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  19. U really rule Meiyang.
    You write like a professional writer.
    God bless you.
    I need ur reply, I'm waiting., +919960561050

  20. too brutus havnt blogged i kinda feel happy all my frens havnt like me....less guilt factor i its some bloggers are full of ourselves....

  21. Anonymous12:43 AM

    omg.. this sounds like an original masterpiece! no baba.. am not flattering u..seriously! I always find it difficult to put such intense thoughts in words but u have done it beautifully. So in-case if u see ur work in my blog, don't call a press conference please.(kidding!)Ur name will definitely be written there! bdw, any plans to be a Lyricist or something????
    anyway, Keep up the good work..
    God Bless!

  22. is chang the "heartthrob" of LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE?????

  23. Deep from heart... full of emotions
    liked it

  24. Dear Chang,
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  25. hi chang :
    I saw you in indian Idol at you tube , gosh !you are a natural , weldone .

  26. Hai Chang,Iam a true follower of ur blogs,so far I've no guts to leave a comment(very conservative)and keep things to myself.Recently after I saw u in II3,Iam not able to control my thoughts for u.I keep teling things abt U and Ur singing to all my friends and relatives.(All got bored)Then I realised why I've to tell allthat to them and not to U. so atlast came out of my shell.This post is very really adorable.we all know who was that one made u to write his poem.Do continue write in English,b'coz I don't know hindi.But I have friends to translate.hehehe...Bye.Take good care.

  27. hey, i'm in the states and i just recently heard this guy's music on youtube. i am especially addicted to the song he sang during his farewell. does anyone know the name of the song, or better yet, where I can buy Chang's music??

  28. Chang. Where art thou?!!! Not moved to another planet, have you? Many of us here on this planet would like to hear your voice on this blog of yours. So come back, willya?!!! Thanks much.

  29. Making it through Chang's moderation of comments involves three complicated test
    1. The stalker test(I surely must have made through that one!)
    2.The Eternal bore test(If you put me in this category,i shall go curl my hair with a broomstick!)
    3.The Length of comment test(I have definitely failed this one,and how
    But the only goal in sight is to crack this paheli and cross this insurmountable threshhold.Gustaakhi maaf!

  30. Two comments: I especially like "Goonjney do dhadkan in hawaao mein". Good visual. Also I find the theme of forgiveness refreshing (though still heart wrenching), as opposed to the usual spite that's directed towards oneself or others.

  31. Hi Supriya Reddy from Hyderabad.
    I found the link to ur blog in ur profile...
    and was happy dat i'll get a lil bit more to kno abt u...i casually went through it.....and after half an hour...i decided to book mark the page.....1st thing i wud love to say.."U CONVEY THINGS VERY WELL"..

    U made me think hard over some social issues and I was happy,sad,smiling,thinking over many other personal things u mentioned...

    ...All dat i can say is u hav a good writer in u...

    Keep up ur good work Chang!

  32. Hey Chang

    Stop basking in your new found Glory!!! Write !!

  33. Nice one, seems to be coming from the heart of someone head over heels in love...:P

  34. Though you like to be mysterious, why does this poem seem so transparent? I could be wrong though.

  35. uff...
    i am speechless with the emotion portrayed by this piece..
    I truly respect you from the bottom of my heart!
    When I first saw you singing in hindi i was kind of bewitched. Partly also because i live in a chinese dominating society where almost 80% of the people are chinese and indian music is not much appreciated by them..
    Its just the beginning. May god bless would go FAR!


  36. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I Just Love This Poem Of Urs..
    Its Superb.. I Read It Like Everyday.. !!

  37. Bahot khoob. You should write your own lyrics. Really.

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