Thursday, December 13, 2007


Till yesterday,

He was another face in the crowd

Another body grinding in the surging mass of humanity


He remains the same

Separated, yet a part of the populace

Respected, yet often misunderstood

Loved, yet often loathed

Adored, yet left alone in a sea of millions

Fulfilled, yet heartbroken

Practical, yet daydreaming

He tries to write, and knows that his words mean much more now

He starts writing, and he knows that life isn't the same anymore

He continues writing, and realises that he is happy to be a normal person, yet, some shackles stop him from doing as he wishes

He concludes writing, and rues the fact that in spite of his love for writing, his work keeps him away from it, for months together

He knows that he will write again. Love has a way of bringing things around...

Till tomorrow comes...