Thursday, December 13, 2007


Till yesterday,

He was another face in the crowd

Another body grinding in the surging mass of humanity


He remains the same

Separated, yet a part of the populace

Respected, yet often misunderstood

Loved, yet often loathed

Adored, yet left alone in a sea of millions

Fulfilled, yet heartbroken

Practical, yet daydreaming

He tries to write, and knows that his words mean much more now

He starts writing, and he knows that life isn't the same anymore

He continues writing, and realises that he is happy to be a normal person, yet, some shackles stop him from doing as he wishes

He concludes writing, and rues the fact that in spite of his love for writing, his work keeps him away from it, for months together

He knows that he will write again. Love has a way of bringing things around...

Till tomorrow comes...


  1. yes you will write again...
    and we'll read the posts again and again...:)

    Thanks a ton for accepting my comment!!!

    ALL THE BEST Chang!


  2. Hi Meiyang,

    Welcome back.......and nice to know that some work is taking your toil, that means you are walking.........progressing........never mind the exhaustion...........

    And yes you have become a favourate of many.........and what's so bad about it? Why at that one point of success does human mind becomes so blank instead of enjoying it........enjoy it........ as it comes........its destined that you will touch many hearts by your voice........than add you own little flavour to it. You only wrote you can make people smile. Don't you think God has given you that........magical wand? I don't know why I am writing this..........perhaps you only need to be among someone who you think really loves you.......your parents......your very close friends......being with nature.......I have never seen someone who thinks about birds.........

    think about it.........
    We all only get this one life............
    And what can we get from it.............
    only as much you can give it..........

    Bye and take care.............

  3. aawww, heartfelt! the answer must be within "him" ... may be he is running after something that's not made for him or may be he is looking for happiness in wrong places.

  4. Gham ke baad khushiyon ko paane kaa mazaa hee kuch aur hai,
    Bas khushiyon ko paane kee chaah dil mein rakho,
    To phir waqt khud tumhe kahegaa ke ab likho! :-)
    Pal do pal ke intezaar ke bad toh pyaar ko paane kaa mazaa bhee khaas hai!!!

  5. "..for months together" is right, it's been over two months since the last post! :-)

  6. Hey Chang!!!
    Itz been months since the Indian Idol got over... But somehow we just cannot get over you guys!! We loved watching you, Emon, Deepali and Puja especially!!
    How is it going with you folks? and how is the album with Suhit and Parleen and all coming along???
    I just love your blogs!! even from the days you were new to Indian Idol.. and someone sent me across this link.... Just love the way your write... Wish you would write more....
    A ton of wishes from me for all the success! and you just rock!!!! And not just with your music...

  7. love the way u express urself! do watever, jus dun quit writing..

    God bless, do great in life!

  8. Hey Dr. Buddha! Nice to see your post after a long time. I guess reality came in the way eh? Same here. I dusted my blog after ages!

    Hmmm your new post was very stirring. It was like a different Chang but it still had that familiar touch to it. Sounds grown up, a bit frustrated but optimistic and hopeful.

    And dude, don't let any shackles stop you from doing what you love! If doing what you love is the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before going to sleep then don't let anything get in the way of that!

    Keep writing C and give us updates on what you're upto. :)

    - Farah

  9. I LOVE this post. I can actually understand how you feel.
    Well, I'm a fan who never gets disheartened. I'd appreciate it (as would the rest of your fans) if you wrote a comment replying to the comments we make... maybe I'm asking too much (I mean u are a celebrity after all and ur probably busy to reply to readers) but we would feel really really good :D
    Never gonna get disheartened,

  10. good to see you back

  11. Beautiful!

    Stumble upon your blog while googling for Belur Halebid. Loved your writing! Enjoyed it!
    Thank you.

  12. waiting for the Tomorrow and he to commence writing...:)

  13. Dear Chang,

    "EXCELLENCE", "WONDER", "BRILLIANCE" or any else - would be the right word ? ?
    You seem to be like the master of language who just turns the most usual group of words into an unsually beautiful, elegant and a magical masterpiece. May it be the flow, the rhythm or the poetry - Everything's just a perRfFect blend of the best flavors.
    Bravo Meiyang Chang.
    Needless to mention that I'm awaiting to listen to you in the near future.

    Lots of Love,
    niyati ;)

  14. Hi Chang,
    Thanks for another brilliant posting..was waiting for it for so long....Luv all that you do be it writing, singing or dancing..God bless and take care

    your biggest fan ever
    Rupal :)

  15. I wonder how many hidden talents do you have but i liked your poems. The words are very touching and expressive.

  16. Hi Mieyang,

    I saw you singing at the award function. And I really felt that I should tell you this. You were looking very cute, but your makeover doesn't do justice to your personality. You look far better as you originally are......... 'The Chinese Guy'.......I think you stand out better that way...........otherwise you just dwindle in between.

    All said in a Good Faith

    Bye and take care

  17. Blog hopping. Merry Christmas to you! Lovely words! I have lots of poetry in my blog. do drop by if you're interested!


  18. Hey,

    As I walk today in the crowed
    Trying to give meaning to it all
    I reflect upon my yesterday
    When I was just another face
    Walking through life, unidentified
    Though I knew my identity deep inside

    As I walk today in the crowed
    My steps are steadier,
    My pace a little faster,
    My identity the same
    My experiences changed
    My life impacted
    My acts, my words, touches more today

    As I try to redefine my life today
    Walking in the crowed, I remain the same yet changed
    I remain the same yet changed
    I walk in the crowed yet I am not part of it today
    I am loved by them all yet the loneliness remains
    I am grateful for it all yet I feel broken deep inside somewhere
    As I walk in the crowed today my dream fulfilled yet remains unfulfilled somewhere
    Giving birth to a greater dream today
    I walk in the crowed yet not with them today
    I walk today dreaming of greater tomorrow to come my way

  19. Hey chang !!
    After watching you in indian idol, i became a big fan of your singing and now after reading all this fantastic poems, i am a big fan of your writing too.
    you are such a talented person. A dentist, A cartoonist , A singer and A writer.You are too good chang !!
    Can't wait for your next post !!

    Keep rocking !!!

  20. Hi Meiyang,

    Happy New Year.

    My Wish for YOU.............

    May you have

    The Power to judge the right opportunities

    The calmness to feel the rhythm of competition

    And put forward 'The Brilliance' to stir the strings of human soul........

    with your soothing voice -


  21. nice one.... :)
    now i wonder how much different a pondy trip would be ;)

  22. Hmmm...i find it strange that u now write in the third person...

    Almost like u've lost the 'bheed' as u call it :)

  23. Welcome back dear Chang,Whatever u post is one masterpiece,no doubt.But we expect the old Chang who write abt people,places and experiences he went thru.Now we r seeing the busy Chang and don't hv time to write much,we understand ur plite still i urge u to write intellectually.please don't get mesmerised with ur fans's useless 'love u's and things like that.I don't feel they r contructive,sorry Iam also ur fan but little different.I really care 4 u Chang.I pray God to give u strength to tackle all the sackles and get rid of it and move towards more and more success coming ur way.Bye and Take Care.GOD BLESS U.


  24. Brother Chang! Hope life is treating you well in this new year. Just dropped by to say Hi! Hope all's well in Idol land.

  25. Meiyang!!!???
    Listen mister, you had better drop a few lines before all the women in my family and extended family and friends' circle go totally bonkers for the love of your verse (and voice of course...and so on ...)
    Or willya whip out some music that we could buy? Alright, do somethin', don't keep us all hangin' here. Sheesh!
    (gosh, I'd like to box your ears for what you've turned me into-- making a fool of myself thus on your blog. But, I've never enjoyed being a fool ever as much as I do now) Thanks to you...Grrrr

  26. Hmmm...Sometimes I wonder if you really should've become so popular.I wonder if you'll get the recognition you deserve.I wonder what ever happened to "Chin and Chang" it true that as long as the show's on air,the contestant is recognised...I have always regretted that popularity came to you at such a tender age.For someone as free-spirited as you, its sometimes equivalent to a handicap in more ways than one.You have your have your negatives but please don't let your goal be "making it big in the world" .You're far more special and i know that you're aware of this.In the midst of greedy, self-centered people please don't forget to LIVE!How I wish this was just any ordinary person's blog I was i wish that people would want to visit Chang's blog even if he wasn't a television star.How i wish interacting with you would be as easy as interacting with anybody else.How i wish popularity had come to you in a way that you didn't have to compromise on the things you love to do

  27. Hi Meiyang,

    Where are you and what are you doing?.......Seems life has made you a busy person. Your priorities have changed........but that's okay if its that way.........but why have you stopped writing......You are an impressive writer as whatever you write makes so much sense......and as the cliche goes.......'the show must go on' keep your notebook have experienced something we common persons cannot think of getting through why not share that part of human life which otherwise always remains in a bit of a shadow....and I am talking about the truth in it prejudices involved.....only the get going.......after all, 'when the one great scorer writes, he does not write, whether you one or lost but how you played the game' and that's the beauty of it.........looking at life as it its total brutality and splendour.........

    and yes,

    we should never cease to smile..........

    Should we............?

    Bye and take care

  28. hi chingu mingu.......
    you are as good a writer as u r a singer....may u succeed in life ...........u r a beautiful human being wid beautiful thoughts and a beautiful way of lookn @ life...........chao.
    me_an 18 yrs old allahabadian fan:shruti srivastava

  29. Chang-o! I completely agree fellow Chang-admirer (for want of a better word) Priyanka Shetty here!!! Exactly my sentiments too. Hmm...sensible, discerning girl that one.
    So sweety, take it easy, you don't have to prove anything to anybody, forgetting to "live" in the process. Believe in yourself as you apparently do. Hope you are having a blast. Must be a royal nuissance with us nincompoops at your throat harrassing you to make your presence felt on your blog too. Well, maybe you ought to ignore us all imbeciles (don't u dare). Ahem! so where was I? Ah, yes, all the very best and hope to hear your good old genuine voice, as is, on this blog, soon?!!
    loadsa luv kiddo.

  30. I agree with what Komal has to say.."Chang the writer" is my favourite;)By the way Chang..just got a mail from Midday editor!!He asked me to mail him my articles..Hopin they'll get published!Pray for me!

  31. love your poetry. I hope you will keep writing. Another one of your many talents I suppose.