Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The siesta being over, my dhyaan shifts to the sight outside at 31,000 feet above sea level. The azure blue of the sky puts the mind in blissful stasis. Sunrays filter through the cotton wool of the clouds like lights from heaven above. Far in the distance, clouds & blue sky merge in a pure haze. I reach out for it in my mind, but it dissolves slowly from heavenwards view. A gaze at terra firma reveals the long, mercurial rivers forcing their path through obstacles of the land, finally relenting and snaking, cleaving the vast landscape. Glints of light reflected off my watch smile back at my narrowed eyes. The sun – a goblet of fire, is bright yet gentle, and the ocean below a silent vat of gold. The sun – descending into nothingness, changes the horizon to a mix of yellow, orange & red. Many a hide-and-seek later, the goblet is gone, and its impersonators on earth take over – a dizzy blur as the plane starts to descend…

On his flight back to Mumbai, he has many mixed feelings, the predominant one being that of regret of returning so early. He has always called Bangalore his second home, and there are so many memories & attachments in that city that he fails to get enough of it. On this occasion, knowing that the next few days are to be spent in lazy, unproductive chaos, he seriously regrets coming back so soon. Mumbai is a city of wonders & temptations – “Maya nagri” as they call it, and it draws not only foreigners but also sons of the soil to its sights, its sounds, fragrances, its histories and also its mysteries. It draws him in a similar fashion, but much to his chagrin, it might probably never be a place which he can call “home” from his heart. An inexplicable & burning hollowness and loneliness engulfs him every time he returns to Mumbai, in spite of having so many people around. Mumbai is one city which fails to breach the invisible barrier around him. He had spent a lot of money to get to and fro from Bangalore for just a few days, but it was really worth it. As the punchline for Mastercard goes, “There are some things money can’t buy…” This is probably one of those things ….peace of mind.


  1. Hi Meiyang,

    In the midst and arena of human minds getting in race full of tough competitions, non existing emotions and hard run for money........your thoughts speak of mindfulness........your watching the close movements of sun.......as if its rays were more like sea waves......... you can really make people think about the mundane task by the mother nature, look like as if it were more than a simple magic......... by encapsulating and enfolding the change with your use of beautiful choice of words.......

    And as far as your comparison of the two cities go........I believe every city has a character of its own.........the day you understand this.........you will happily take what one of the two can give you.......and reach out for the remainder on that other land you call your own - near to your heart.

    After all..........it’s all about being happy and to remain in peace.............

    - The food for every soul........

    Bye and take care.

  2. ahh too bad the pilots can't enjoy that view. and they have 2 ignore it every time they fly. but i guess the joy of landing suffices

  3. hi im new to ur blog but not new to u. i wouldnt say that im ur fan bcoz fan is a very small word to describe my feeling for u.
    anyways im Bushra Aziz. im student of MBA.im muslim and im from Pakistan. my first request to u is to upload some of ur childhood pics. waiting for them.keep smiling

  4. Na wo farishta ho na farishtey jaisa ho
    Mujhey talash hai uski jo merey jaisa ho

    Merey khulus ko pehchanta ho bus kafi hai
    Who koi bhi ho, kahin bhi ho, kesa bhi ho

    Agar kabhi rooth jaoon mein us sey to
    Muskra key manayee, woh aisa ho

    Jo baat karey to woh nibha bhi sakey
    Iradon mein woh apney chatanon jaisa ho

    Dukhon mein hansney ka hunar janta ho
    Ik aisa hamsafar jo samandar ki tarah gahrah ho

    Woh sirf mera ho, jo nigahon mein haya rakhta ho
    Umar bhar saath chalney ka azam-e-wafa rakhta ho

    Jo khwab deney pe qadir ho meri aankhon ko
    Meri mohabbat ko pehchan sakay woh aisa ho

  5. hey meiyang too gud blog verryy well expressed
    its nice u can express ur feelings sooo nicele wish i cud do the same ny ways i agree with ur point there are sumthing money cant buy
    n well those r love n peace of mind
    n i also agree that u love the place more where u had got all d beautiful memoreis of ur life u always love to be at that place

  6. Chang
    ( if I can call you that)

    Your a great writer, there is no doubt about that. There is no point in repeating the obvious. I would like to say though that your writing has definetly progressed to something unexplainable. I am an avid reader and I will not hesitate in saying that writers like you are not so common. By writers like you...I mean those that write so descriptively that you can visualize the situation. One of those authors is J.K. Rowling. I know...I Know...I'm comaparing your writing to harry potter books but if you think about it.....those 7 books are written extremely well. There are some parts of those books that I have so vividly picturized in my head that I am surprised that I did not see them in the movie. Same with your writing...I feel that I can see the view from your plane window; or I can feel the exaustion after touring the beautiful caves.
    Keep writing....we,the readers, need you!


  7. yeah. your writings are such that they evoke visions of what you describe. you have a gift which is like so uncommon, ( i coudn't visualise anything while reading lotr, unlike here). so totally rice and peas

  8. Hi Meiyang,

    Well, dazzlingly descriptive images of the sky and all. I love that you are so sentimental. I hope you settle down in B'lore some day soon! And hope you had a blast there on your visit.
    BTW is that your palm in the pic. It's a beautiful palm but much too adorned. What, a ring on one's thumb?!! Nuts.

  9. You are, no wonder a great writer. I liked your words that there are somethings that money cannot buy.

  10. That actually pinches my heart for not experiencing "a flight and a sight" until now.. It has always been fascinating to read about it!! Hence, within the limitless horizon of my imagination, you've brought me closest to it by the perfect choice of words.
    Those who've travelled by a flight might recall similar experinces they've had; but for beings like me; it is comepletely magical to relate to something so perfectly woven and actually picture the golden sunrays painting hues over the seas.
    Bravo Meiyang.

    Loads of Love,

  11. Oh yes, you paint such a positive picture about awful(certainly for me) things like flying, sort of comforting to me 'cuz I hate flying...hate it ...hate it....!
    Bombay to B'lore is a good flight, but not int'l flights. I guess I'll take your example and try to compose sonnets about clouds and the heavenly abode up there.
    Thanks buddy.