Saturday, April 26, 2008


Phir unhi raston mein aa gaye hain do-raahein
Phir goad mein uski so jaane ko jee chaahe

Phir unhi ungliyo ko thaam kar usne jaana

Wo moam ki tarah pighalta hai
Wo aarzoo ki tarah phisalta hai
Wo jaagte sapne dekhtaa hai
Aur sotey aahey bhartaa hai

Chehro mein dekhtaa hai woh usi ka chehra
Khwahishon par phir ye kaisa pehra?

Tum nahi hamaare, ye sach sheeshey saa saaf
Ek hi bahaana : Gustakhi maaf....


  1. You have no idea how much this applies to kind of wierd. Once again...It is a beautiful and touching piece of work!

    Wo moam ki tarah pighalta hai
    Wo aarzoo ki tarah phisalta hai
    Wo jaagte sapne dekhtaa hai
    Aur sotey aahey bhartaa hai

    Hats off to you Chang!
    ( You know...if I was wearing a hat)


  2. ..hai kaunsi wo aankhein jinmein yeh gumnaam shayar doob jata hai?

    ..hai kaunsa wo chehra jiska tasavvur usey hota hai?

    ..hai kaunsi wo aawaz jo us kalakaar ke zehen mein goonjti hai?

    ..hai kaunsi woh khushbu jo uski saanson mein basti hai?

    .. hai kiski wo aarzoo jiska pehra hai khwaishon par hai us shayar ki?

    zindagi ki is tez si raftaar mein,
    ..hai kaun wo khushnaseeb jiski ungliyaan thaame, hamaare pyaare shayar ne tay kiya is kavita ka safar?

    Feelings beyond words are the best ever forms of inspirations. They spontaneously bring out something best in you, of which you probably never knew! Bravo my dear!! That was a lovely one for someone who seems even more lovelier.

    Loads of love,

  3. After reading this I don't know who can resist you...agar hum hote to moam ki tarah pighal gaye hote..

    I wish you and your someone special will find that happy place you have been craving for...

    kaash koi sayar hum par aise fida :)

    as usaul hoping and praying the best for you..


  4. Hi Meiyang,

    Life is all about living....

    Love still makes it more a worthwhile...

    Otherwise we all may talk of mysteries...but the real mystery is yet quite unknown....

    Its just the matter of time....

    And most of us may end up.....

    some years down the line.....

    Laughing at our own selves....

    Bye and do take care.....

  5. Oh dear! You did it yet again.....that's your verse.....similar to the magic in your voice.
    Chang, you are such a sentimental, romantic fool and a darn cute one at that. I can't imagine who in her right mind would keep away from you......but I guess that's the way it goes. Besides, isn't it human nature to want what one can't have?! I hope you keep writing straight from your heart. And I also hope and wish you find true love, you do so richly deserve it.
    lots of luv sweety,

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  8. Bravo!!! Beautiful thoughts

    WHEN I FIRST HEARD U SINGING I loved ur voice but more i came to know about u i realised everything about u is lovable.ur voice, ur personality, ur dressing ,ur writings, ur sense of feel and way of expression.
    KEEP SMILING. n KEEP WRITING to keep us smile

    teri aawaaz mohaabat ki sadaa lagti he
    sakht jaaron men sakoon bakhs rida lagti he
    (it was some piece of my urdu poetry which i specially wrote 4 u.)
    always praying 4 u

  10. Thank You meiyang!!! That's something which was totally unexpected. As a writer, I have more than admired you. I find myself like a tiny dot on the plane, when I read your works. And for a simple comment from my end, your appreciation has brought me on cloud nine. Till date, this has been my most wonderful achievement, motivation and inspiration!! Thank you loads and tonns sweetheart! I dont mind whether you put this comment up or reject it but just that you read it is more than enough for me!!!

    Without wax,
    niyati ;)

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  12. Its wonderful once again. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

  13. O hello there?! What? Disappeared again? Jeez!


  14. You didn't stop writing did you?
    Come on right something else....I am waiting anxiously for something superb to read.
    Love the video for Udd Chale


  15. Dear Chingoo Mingoo,
    (Sorry, I do not know whether the spellings are correct or not because I do not know Hindi).
    I like your bolgs very much. You are a great writer too. We recognized you as a DENTAL SINGER, but you are more than that. You are a prodigy.
    May the Buddha bless you!
    Will you reply me!!!

    "Do not bad, do good, clean your mind, this is the teaching of all Buddhas".
    The Dhammapada - verse 183).

    With metta

  16. Nice one. Except the pic freaks me out a bit! lol Keep writing! Don't ever stop. Except to do things in real life! Now go have a cookie on me!

    - Farah

  17. Hi Meiyang,
    Chanced upon your blog, and I had no idea that along with being a great singer, you are also a poet.These are some beautiful words you've penned down here, and looking forward to reading more in the days to come. :)

    Best wishes,
    A Bhutanese in Japan.

  18. Dear Chang,
    I am awaiting to read your next issue for May or JUNE 2008.
    Please, come to us soon with your interesting writings and creations.
    You are UNIQUE for HINDUSTAN and your bring grace and praise for the Chinese community in India and also in the whole world.
    May the Buddha bless you.
    Yours Venerable Chandawimala - Hong Kong.

  19. Nice...

    perhaps you'll enjoy reading it this way too... :)

    फिर उन्हीं रास्तों में आ गये हैं दो-राहें
    फिर गोद में उसकी सो जाने को जी चाहे

    फिर उन्हीं उंगलियों को थाम कर उसने जाना

    वो मोम की तरह पिघलता है
    वो आरज़ू की तरह फिसलता है
    वो जागते सपने देखता है
    और सोते आहें भरता है

    चेहरो में देखता है वो उसी का चेहरा
    ख्वाहिशों पर फिर ये कैसा पेहरा?

    तुम नहीं हमारे, ये सच शीशे सा साफ़
    एक ही बहाना : गुसतखी माफ़....

  20. this guy is so wise n loaded wid wisdom!!
    thats y he'z ma real life role model...
    hey... u r a true idol in true senses.....
    i luv u 4 wht u r...
    good job.. chings.....

  21. hi chang
    i thought u r only a good singer but u r also a good writer.
    this is deepika, am a novalist nd after seeing ur performances n all i decided to write a novel on you, on your those memorable nd touchy moments which u spent in indian idol but i dont knw how can i contact you, u tell me a better way. my mail id is

  22. Hey Dr Meiyang ,
    Hi , ...I absolutely love ur voice ....can u plz sing Kahin toh from the movie " Jaane tu ya Jaane na " and post it on you tube plzzzzzzzzzzz !!