Monday, August 04, 2008


Some drink to enjoy the freedom from the monotonous drone of everyday life while some drink to socialize with strangers, peers & superiors. Some drink to shed their inhibitions while some drink for health, since studies prove that an occasional drink might not be bad at all. And some drink … to forget

Alcohol does take one to a world free of daily worries and unleashes human emotions in exaggerated measures. While happiness is contagious and always welcome, it is shadows of anger & depression that lurk menacingly in the dark corners of the mind and are granted fiendish proportions by alcohol. Having lived in the City of Pubs, Bangalore for many years, he has had a lot of high-spirited acquaintances in whom he has observed the ‘after-effects’, so to say. More often than not, they’ve gone on the much-vaunted “happy-high”, where troubles are dispensed of and friends & loved ones and having fun is all that matters. The alcohol has made them do hilarious, fun, often silly & crazy things. Things one can be proud of or embarrassed by later. Things one can reminisce with a group of friends, and laugh about. Things that good memories are made of…

Anger… an effect of alcohol which he’s very familiar with, and detests the most. Vain seniors, egoistic friends & anti-social elements have been models of display often enough. If alcohol can give the joy to fly sky-high, it can also break the shackles of deep-seated unrest, envy, hatred or mean streak. It can give one a sense of absolute power, and of absolute scorn for consequences. It loosens the tongue, hands & feet, as well as morals. The outbreak of anger under the spell of alcohol spells havoc for those unfortunate enough to be around

But probably the most self-destructive effect of alcohol is the underlying depression it can reveal. Several films have been made on the eternal loser, the jilted lover, the social outcast, who drinks to forget. The Spirits might rid one of their woes temporarily, but once they wear off, the state of senselessness & the mask of attempted joy fade as well. If alcohol can take one away to a private heaven, it can also drag them down to a private hell, a hell of their own making. The respite from memories is but temporary. Memories always return, like an out-of-control boomerang.

He knows someone (let’s call him Sam) who started drinking to forget his personal & professional woes. Instead, it dragged Sam into an abyss he is not strong enough to return from. It made his miseries indelible, and now alcohol is his mistress, to shed his tears with.
He has always wondered … does alcohol REALLY help forget? Is the Spirit potent enough to actually lift spirits? There are countless such Sams out there, battling the spirits and battling their inner demons, a war they’re most likely to lose. He sees them wasting away and ponders. There definitely are much better ways to forget the troubles coiled within, snake like, which won’t let one breathe.

When life becomes rough and everyone & everything seems stacked against you, try a friend you trust. It gives a different high and a definite relief. You’ll never want Spirits again. Here’s to all those people who are high…. high on life, love and friendship. Cheers!

“If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world”
Abraham Lincoln

A sense of great adventure prevails prowling the roads of Mumbai at nightfall. They say life lies in the details, and observation nurtures your mind. The streets of Mumbai provide ample nourishment for an open, curious mind. Think that sleeping under the sky with only the blanket of stars for company is a great idea? Think again. Against the imposing, sometimes suffocating backdrop of huge multistoried buildings & rhythmic clatter of railway tracks under constantly rushing metal monsters, lie people on pavements under the open sky, with nothing more than a thin sheet of newspaper as their barrier against nature and the clawing, dream-breaking prods of mosquitoes, children, animals and the Policeman’s stick. Yet they do not hesitate to share their meager blanket of paper & miniscule bed with those who have neither. A beedi is half dangling from the mouth of an asleep, old man, who’s provided shelter tonight to a weak, cold stray. The calm on his face starts reflecting in mine. The waves are crashing against the fortified stone walls, and somewhere inside, a child is rejoicing.


  1. You have lot of sympathy towards needy people. Make a determination to help them one day. Yes, you can do that if your intention is PURE.

  2. Dear Chang,

    Now you have a very good understanding of life.
    Drinking is a FIASCO.

    "pabbatattheva bhummatthe dhiro bale avekkhati". Having climbed to the peak, a wise looks at the worldlings. (The Buddha).

  3. Friendship indeed is the very essence of life...
    Truly, all smiles would be your next destination when there are friends around and specially, when you're down; the only way of charging yourself up for the next go is - have a chat with a friend!!
    One more thing,
    a very needed fact that you did put forth - getting into high spirits - can be attained much better by being with a friend and not a glass of drink!

    About the city of mumbai; it is something alluring. The charisma, the magnetism - just everything. But at the same time, the metropolis has it's own dark shades - just like every other similar place does.. Not only mumbai, there are ample places in the country where you find wandering, nomadic souls on the pavements. For many of us, stars are a poetic inspiration, a romantic night, a sight of beauty or even at times - a mode of getting into higher spirits and nostalgia - change is always good! Ask thy who witness the beauty as a routine, they surely have a different story to tell... ;)

    Great work Meiyang!! Looking upto some more of the wonders you create through the medium called "words"... ;)


  4. ' Alcohol doesnt solve any problems, but if u think, neither does milk!'

    only friends & loved ones can truly help come out of miseries of life..

    gr8 post as usual Meiyang!
    Cheers to Life..

  5. According to the Buddha, taking drugs affects you in 6 ways.

    "There are six dangers attached to addiction to strong drink and sloth-producing drugs; present waste of money, increased quarrelling, liability to sickness, loss of good name, indecent exposure of one's person, and weakening of the intellect".
    (The Buddha - Sigalovada Sutra)

  6. wow!!!!!!!
    your description about Mumbai has reminded me of my hometown Kathmandu which I am missing alot and it is similar to Mumbai.

  7. Ahh alcohol! Turns your enemy into your best friend, your best friend into your enemy. Makes Johnny Lever look like Johnny Depp.

    - Farah

  8. You already know that I am a great fan of your singing and writing, and complimenting you will sound extremely redundant.

    I would like to ask you a couple of questions though....for which I greatly hope to get answers for.

    1) What inspires your deep, and thoughtful writing?

    2) From what I see you are an incredibly talented and creative why did you choose the path of dentistry instead of your writing and/or singing?

    3) Looking you wish you had worked more on singing rathether than going to dentist school?

    I would really like to know the answers to these questions. I am honestly very curious to know.


  9. very well said.. I agree that we forget to understand why someone uses alcohol as a rescue.. and its definitely not a "friend" during the lows in life.. but it seems to be the only friend when your friends leave you.. maybe they were never your friends to behave in a way which shatters you.. hurts you ..I read recently in one of those "keep positive attitude " books that "when I see a person I detest I try to find at least one positive things about him and just concentrate on it while he talks to me".. it makes me think is it that difficult to find positives in our life / or am I on a road to self estruction.. well may be its not the right time for this sadistic approach.. Its a Friday afternoon !!

  10. love ur works Meiyang!!
    keep writing.. i feel me in your writings.
    looking forward to more frequent philosophy from u..
    love u

  11. Yes dear, life around us in all its ugliness which at times even robs of whatever semblance of peace residing in our soul, making us feel guilty in our priveleged existence while our downtrodden fellowmen wallow in hopelessness!

    Great soliloque this one darlin'.


  12. thanks for reminding us what we have forgotten! thanks a lot. whoever you are (you must be God sent Angel)!

  13. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I drink to vomit...(j/k), But I take a heartfull of revenge when my friends are in inebriated condition, they wouldn't even remember how they were bruised next morning. ;) :p