Friday, August 29, 2008


The recent water crisis at home had him by the horns. Early mornings became the norm as the water supply ceased at 9 AM and resumed only at 4:30 PM. To add to the water woes, he had many guests dropping in over the next few weeks when water was scarce. He was in bad shape, arranging for alternate sources of water, filling up buckets, washing machine, utensils & any container that could hold water. The extra trouble made him miserable( come as it did during his recovery days) until he thought beyond his selfish orb and was reminded of those who are victims of so much more suffering because people like him waste so much water and crib when there isn’t any left. There are thirsty millions out there for whom using water for daily ablutions & washing clothes is a liability. There are those, who walk miles, unmindful of the mortifying heat to procure potable water. The thought of those millions shake and shame him, and he knows, if there is to be water for everyone, then one must save.


He has started saving water. It’s a miniscule contribution in a country of billions, but he muses, if he can save even a glass of water everyday, imagine what it can do if like minded people across the country save a glass each  …. So much water saved- So many lives improved


So when will you start saving? Does it require you to join an organization? Or does someone need to tell you more about the ill-effects of water-shortage? No, not at all. Whoever you are, you can help save. All it requires is will, and a little time out of your busy lives. Stop wasting water when you’re brushing your teeth or taking a bath – don’t let the elixir of life run unnecessarily from the taps when not in use. Check for leaks, and fix them. Make sure all water outlets are tightly shut. Don’t use more than necessary. Every drop makes an ocean. Here is our opportunity to make a difference.




On a lighter note, a saying goes thus:


“Save water. Bathe with your neighbour’s daughter”


Statutory warning : Do NOT try the abovementioned at home. It is only meant to add an element of humor and the author does not advocate this and guarantees broken bones to the defector. You can’t be expected to save water with a crippled body :)



  1. Dear Chang,
    Every Saturday at 10.00 P.M. at Singapore time I check what you have added enlighten us. By reading your blogs I always learn something new and improve my English too. The way you present your inner feelings are very much touching. Now you have changed a lot internally and it is clear you are improving human qualities day by day. You are a real IDOL for many.
    Yes, many people do not recognize the importance of water. As far as we have it, we do not know its value. Once we lose it we understand how important it is. People are not aware of natural resources. They do not know that neither science nor technology can produce water.
    The Buddha asked monks not to spite nor urinate in the water. That is 2500 years ago. So, the Buddha knew that how important water is. He also said that if anyone plants trees and protects the forest making orchards and parks he acquire merits day and night. If some one cuts a tree having lived under a tree, he is the most ungrateful person, He said.
    Chang, I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity.
    May the Triple Gem bless you!
    Yours in the Dharma
    Ven. Chandawimala

  2. I do wish you would start writing in 'first person' again, like u used sounds strange and distant when you don't.

    Oh well...maybe it's a phase...or have you managed to detach yourself from yourself?

  3. Earth needs many more abortion clinics.

  4. nice blog we seriously need to save water
    rains r also not enough to have enough water
    every one shud learn to save water if we cant save water leta not waste it

    for ur lighter note it can be "save water dring beer"
    m sure manyyy of d guys n gals will save water dis way heheheheeh

  5. Dear Dr. Chang, you are a SINGER LIKE NO OTHER. We always accept you as the most compassionate SINGING DOCTOR. Since you have human qualities, what the Buddha always wanted people to develop in them, you are a GOOD Buddhist. We know that well.
    Thank you very much for giving a comment on my blog "The Mind". Despite being a busy celebrity with millions of fans around you, it is very kind of you that you spent a littlie time for sending me a comment. You are such a great IDOL. I always wish your success. May you be well and happy! Whatever you wish and aspire, may all your expectations come true soon as the waxing moon!

  6. Wonderful once again!!!!!!!!
    we seriously have to save water. we must think about the future.

    But never dare to bathe with your neighbour's daughter.

  7. Hi Meiyang,

    I fully agree with you...........on that note i also feel the vision towards our surrounding becomes more broader and one starts to respect the beauty created in nature for afterall, all this is for us humans preserve it and honor it.........its vast treasures is the only tribute we can pay by way of conserving what that really counts.

    Bye and take care.

  8. Well,
    often there's a long wait for your blogspace to be updated, but i must say, everytime, it's worth the wait...

    All I would say on your work is:

    It is indeed better to light a candle rather than curse the darkness. ;)

    Thank You Chang.

    Loads of love,
    niyati.. ;)

    (I'm sure if I have to wait for the next blog, it'd surely be worth the wait; but even if its kept a bit sooner, it'd be beautiful.. )

  9. slam chang
    it has been a long time since i last msg u but believe me i nevr 4got u.
    i wish more improvement in ur personality n nature

  10. mujhey mut bhoolna....
    mere sath guzarey huy din,
    meri ankhen,
    our meri betabi yad rakhna
    ta k jab kai mosam aa ker guzer jain
    ye nokhaiz pattay phir se khak me mil jain
    aqal-o-shaoor k kai dour guzer jain
    our phir kisi nay mosam menshayad men tum se keh sakon
    k "mujhy tum se mohabbat he"
    to tumhen foran meri is bat ka yakin aa jay

  11. Hi Chang,

    Nice one, this one. Believe it or not, I think of you every morning while brushing my teeth and I make it a point to not let the tap water run when doing so 'cuz I can almost hear you admonishing me on my callous attitude towards the earth. Sheesh!

    Could you post more often, please?

    Have I expressed lately how very adorable and deee..lish you truly are?!
    You are an amazing earthling!
    And I do despise you so for compelling me say such yukky mushy stuff! Yikes.

  12. I dont know why....maybe from reading your blog so avidly, or maybe from following your journey through indian idol 3 so religously, or maybe it was just my stupidity.....but I thought you were the kind of celebrity who would answer my question if i asked.

  13. salam
    So I rightly guessed that u r hosting the idol 4.I must say that u r not only a god singer a good writer but also a very good anchor. So much influencing talent in 1 person, it means God wants to assign u some responsibility. let see what’s it.

  14. Masroof he din raat, ossay waqt kahan he
    Wo hum se karey baat, ossay waqt kahan he
    Betabi-e-dil ka ossy andaza nahi he
    Samjhay mere jazbaat, ossy waqt kahan he
    Bhoolay se hi wo poochnay a jay mera haal
    Ae gerdish-e-halat ossy waqt kahan he
    Mojon men tarapti hui men doob rahi hon
    Thamay wo mera hath ossy waqt kahan he

  15. Dear everyone, specially Rhea

    I try my best to keep posting and keep replying to your posts as well. Please understand that many a times it is not easily possible to sit through everything. Thank you all for appreciating my writings. It acts as a stimulant to come up with more lyrical pieces :)

  16. Hi Meiyang,

    Saw II4....

    What a start.......

    A Brilliant Voice with A perfect texture and a right tempo...

    Everyone Luved you Crazy......

    Only i wish you dont become unavailable.....

    Keep writing......

    Win All The Way.........AND Leave That Mark....Dont Stop Now....

    Best of Luck......,

    Bye and take care

  17. salam chang
    jese jese Eid qarib a arhi he masroofiat berhti ja rahi he. but i cant forget u even in these busy days. i pray 4 u after every TILAWAT-QURAN and AFTAR.kiew ke is waqt mangi hui DUA ko ALLAH zaroor qabool kerty hen.
    wish u get every thing u desire 4

  18. Hi Meiyang,
    This blog reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi's message "You must be the change you want to see in this world". Well done for promoting a simple yet key message via your blog....

    Few years back a friend gave me a diary as gift which had real facts about the world. I would like to share one here - On Average an American uses 600 litres of water per day, a European, 250 litres and an African, 30 litres. While its few years old fact, it is still valid; it is a powerful fact and should make everyone think, appreciate and preserve what we have. I have lived in water scarce area many years of my life and I appreciate the difficulties these people go through....

    I loved the humour at the end of this blog!! (Too funny). You really are an IDOL and a great role model for your generation and future generations to come...

    Keep writing....

  19. Sabhi shubhchintako ko

    hank you very very much for your wishes. Khaaskar Bushra, aapki Urdu dekh kar tabiyat khush ho gayi aur ab main Urdu mein thodi aur dilchaspi lene waala hu :)

  20. kab tak maangte rahenge khuda se
    kab tak apni karni pe parda daalenge
    ki ye duniya khuda ki amanat
    aur ab zimmedaari humari hai

    mil ke ek doosre ke liye
    rangeen haseen khwaab dekhein
    ek hari bhari bheegi duniya
    ek hasta falta-foolta baageecha

    keep writing!

    A regular reader, and first time commenter wants to wish you good luck for II4 and everything else! Amazing work here and there as well!

    You have a nice soul!

  21. salam
    waoooo chang....
    zaroor zaroor aap zaroor urdu men dilchaspi le.apki zubaan se hindi itni achi lagti he to urdu to ....
    aaj mujhy itni khushi ho rahi he k samajh nahi aa rahi kese izhar karu. ye ehsas hi bayan se bahir he k kisi cheez men mene apko inspire kia.werna men to samajhti the k shyed apko meri urdu se oljhan hoti hogi.thank u :)

  22. Dear Chang,
    I have no words to thank you.
    Thank you so much for the reply with kind words.
    Really you reply gave me a lot of inspirations.
    You are not a person with a good heart but bestowed with marvelous and amazing human qualities!
    Really, I admire your humanity with respect.
    You are very respectable and extremely humble person.
    Apart from blessings I really need to offer you a special gift as a mark of respect for your wonderful character. I will see you one day in Bombay or somewhere. You are most welcome to Singapore. I'll do my best for your convenience. If you need anything from Singapore, please tell me. According to my capacity I am extremely happy to do it and offer you what ever you need.
    I am doing well here but my life is busy with teaching.
    I am teaching at the Buddhist College of Singapore.
    This is a newly started degree programme. The programme is affiliated one of the Universities in Sri Lanka. We are teaching Sri Lankan syllabus here.
    This is my first job (I don't like to use the word job because this is not a secular job but I always do consider it as a Dharma service to promote Buddhism).
    I am teaching early Buddhism, Indian Culture and Buddhist Culture.
    Wish you all the best for your new carrier.
    I watched some video clips of Indian Idol 4.
    You are doing it very well.
    No need any reply for this mail because I know that you are so busy at the moment.

    I wish you a Very Happy Birthday!
    May you be well and happy!

    May the Buddha bless you all ways!
    With Metta and Mudita
    Yours Venerable Chandawimala

  23. Hi Meiyang,
    After having watched few clips of Indian Idol 4, I think you are doing a great job as a presenter! Your talents never cease to amaze me. Very well done!

    Bhagwan jab talent baat rahe they to aap queue main sabse pehle khade hongey :) (aur is duniya ki laakhoooo ladkiya aapke phechee ;). Agar aapki Hindi itni shudh hai, to urdu main to aapko koshish karni hi chahiye, hume yakeen hai aap esme bhi kamaal kardoge. I look forward to the outcome of when your pen meets a paper in the world of Urdu, the language I consider to be very beautiful and romantic…

    God Bless

  24. Thankyou Chang......your reply was greatly appreciated. It's totally understandable that you don't have the time to read and reply to all the messages that you receive.

    I would like to say that you and Deepali are doing a fantastic job hosting the auditions of Indian Idol 4.

    You both looked especially nice in the Lucknow auditions.

    I am waiting anxiously for your next piece!



    Dear Chang,

    In my blog I have made a greeting blog for you. Visit my blog and please accept my birthday greetings. The following is a copy of the original.

    This "flower of prosperity" is exclusively for you because you are always very special for us!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    May you be blessed with happiness, good health, prosperity and longevity!

    May all your dreams come true!
    May the Triple Gem bless you!

    The one who is handsome,
    but no good conduct and human qualities,
    is just like a wild flower without scent.
    There are many such kind of characters among us.
    But the person who is handsome,
    knowledgeable and endowed with good human qualities
    and good conduct, is like a fragrant and beautiful flower,
    which is pleasant and lovable to all.
    One of the best examples for this catergory is below right:
    _/\_ Dr. Meiyang Chang ... !!!(-_-)

  26. Chang-O!

    Good to see you on telly for Idol 4
    and Deepali too. She's lovely as ever, only I wish they lay off the war-paint a bit. Less (make-up) is more in her case.

    BTW - what's with the haircut? What happened to the guy who sang "Dil Keh raha hai" in his beige t-shirt and clean hair-cut?
    But, sooo glad you wear those spectacles still!!! I think you're not YOU without them...
    You do look great, wish we could hear you sing on the show again.

    Didn't mean to be an obnoxious ass really, just being open (and yes, VAIN)

    ...lotza luv and best wishes

    (BTW Chang, I can't believe Anu Malik is back again, I figured SONY people should've been dying of embarassment for having allowed him once on the show....? Huh! That's my naive self speaking I guess).

  27. hey chang ..probably m no one to comment on dis ....but jus a piece of advice (may be unwanted).. y dont u write in first person again..rather than using "HE" everywhere...its jus not dat personal anymore.!

  28. .....join our think me.

  29. Chang-O!

    YOU co-anchor of Indian Idol!! so...SHRIEKS OF luv.
    Yeah, I've run out of superlatives.

    Yaar, ab tum jo ho ish show pe, chalo Anuji ko bhi jheloongi :)
    par kailashji ki Paramaathma ki pukar suntey suntey xo)

    You're a natural Chang, no matter what you take on.
    Best always,

  30. hey chag!
    i found you blog just a week back,& i must say- you are an amazing writer!!...why dont you blog more often???
    saw you on indian idol 4-you were so adorable!! its really not fair how one person can be good at so many things!! u rock!
    i read a lot of what you wrote...i have a lot more to read tho:)...haha...i just love your blog so much!!
    thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world-its probably one of your greatest contributions ever!!

  31. salam chang
    writing to u after a very long time n iski wajah bhi aap se taaluk rakhti he but i think abhi apko batana munasib nahi he. anyway idol4 men aap ka ek bilkul naya roop dekh ker bohat acha laga but idol 3 ko men kabhi bhol nahi sakti afterall wahi per apko pehli baar suna our dekha tha.
    wese aap ko kab time mile ga hamare lie yani post kerne k lie.
    aapka kabhi pakistan aane k lie dil nahi kerta? jab aana ho to plz muje zroor batain. email id to aapko dia he tha.
    kia aap ne kabhi Nusrat fateh Ali k songs sune hen. nahi sune to zroor sunie mere pas bohat bara collection he. wese to mere paas bohat si songs ka collection he jo men aap ki awaz men sunna chahti hon but its not possilbe.huh......
    sawal or bhi baohut kerne hen aap se but pata he onka jawab bhi nahi mile ga. so filhaal ijazat den
    Allah hafiz

  32. Salam
    How r u?
    Chang ager aap bolne men bhi apni pronunciation thek ker len to bohat acha lage ga jese ap khoobsurat kehte hen to aap ise wese adaa Karen jese javed sahab Karte hee to bohat “khoobsurat” lage ga.
    Wese ager aap ko urdu perhni aati to men aapko urdu e books send kerti n msg bhi urdu men hi likhti. I have many urdu e books. Two of my fav books are “talash” and “ishq ka ain”. I ll tell u some time what these books r about.
    Rubaru men kailash jee ne aap se pucha k kia abhi bhi aap singer hen? To men aap se ye kehna chahti hon k never ever think to leave singing. I don’t wana person with d most beautiful voice stop singing.
    or haan aap k monn se "InshaAlah" sun k bohat acha laga:)
    best of luck n take care
    Allah hafiz
    Bushra from Pakistan

  33. Assalma Alaikum Chang
    How r u?

    Ab to aap free honge hi to kuch apne blog ki taraf he nazer-e-karam ker lijie.
    To kesa raha aapka ab tak ka experience?Ab to apki language bhi bohat behter ho gai he. Ye or baat he k aap “abhi nahi to pata nahi” keh dete hen lekin isko bhi ham ne khoob enjoy kia J. Or mezbani men to aap Hussain se bhi Sabqat ( u can say “baazi) le gy hen. Congrats.
    Hussain se yaad aya lagta he aapki os se achhi friendship ho gai he. GALA celebration se pehle jis terha wo apko bula rahe thy mujhy to “Jay or Veeru” ki yaad agai.
    Is daffa aap ne kurta zeb-e-tan (to wear) nahi kia ?? u look like Asian groom having on that.
    Ok See u. Take Care n Allah Hafiz
    Bushra Aziz

  34. Hi chang

    Me and my son who is 9 yeras of age is proud of you. We were watching Indian Idol 4 from Canada and and my son first question was. Mom he dont seems to be Indian and he speaks Hindi well. He got so much interested in you, that I looked on internet to find out more about you because I never heard about you in this part of the world. And I found your blog. Just to let you know God Bless You.

    My sister had friend who was Buddhist(Dharamshala) and we got interested in Buddhism. So I was doubled pleasured by knowing that you are Buddhists too.


  35. slam chang
    last msg k baad aaj aap ka blog open ho saka he. i dont know what was the problem.anyway i want to say you Eid ul Azha Mubarak.

    mujhy bhi mumbai k halat ka bohat afsos he.balke sirf mujhy hi nahi sab Pakistanion ko is se dukh pohncha he. q k yahan to poora Pakistan hi inhi halat ki zadd men he. i hope k ek doosre per ongli othane k bajay ham master mind ki khoj karen.but we equally believe that commom people of both the countries are sincere to each other.

    Hope u enjoing Galas.who do u think should win? i like sheeni. i think she is the best. bhanu, prasanjeet and rajdeep are better.
    see you soon.
    Allah Hafiz

  36. Hey,
    I had thought Hussein was the best anchor one can have on television with his dynamic persona and lovely voice till I saw you- You truly are a competition to him!!
    though Deepali looks like a dumb doll with her heavy makeup and artificial smile(my personnal opinion - no offences) but U rock!!
    Good luck!!

  37. CHANG!!!!
    love u!!
    seriously...u really r a damn cool anchor!!
    really feels good to see you speak!!
    actually i wouldn't hav been following the show if u would not hav been anchoring!!! u make it interesting!!! u r amazingly cute n speak really really well...hope to see u a lot more than just in indian idol!!
    - RAMMA!!

  38. Anonymous4:05 AM

    hahaha..... like your statutory warning.......:D. Wise post. - apg