Sunday, February 22, 2009


This post is for Jolene, who introduced me to Saawariya and its timeless story. Although I have attempted to put my interpretation of Saawariya across in words as best as I can, I feel I have not been able to do complete justice to this masterpiece. Nevertheless, the words are heartfelt and I hope you like it Jo …

In a well kept archive, the 70 mm larger-than-life dreams of many a director and visionary find abode. Year after year, they add to an already Himalayan stack of film reels. Some are taken out time& again, and the dream relived. The others are banished to the quoted realm of failure, nestling spiders and their intricate webs. In this banished realm of dust, cobwebs & anonymity there may lie a masterpiece, which was never recognized as one. But the haze will fail to mask its sheer brilliance from one who has the ‘eye’ for it. Saawariya turns out to be one such ethereal dream, an amalgamation of madness & brilliance. 

The world of Saawariya is dark& gloomy, yet light & mirthful. It is multicolored in its vibrancy yet monochromatic in its hue. This is a place you know cannot exist, a place ever changing, crackling with energy and at the same time static & still, just like the fantastical possibilities our dreams throw up. And yet, there it is, with its other-worldly-yet familiar magical mood. In this ephemeral world live two ordinary-yet-extraordinary people. 

One, the delinquent, fun-loving, philanthropic Raj, who believes in making everyone smile. He spreads joy to one and all irrespective of who or what they are. Everyone is an equal in his mind and he’s blessed with the silken voice that makes your heart ache for more. The second is the confused, alternately scared & fearless lissome lass Sakina. She has madness seeping through her laughter, and cries at the sound of a drop from the faucet joining the water in the fountain.  Her smile can light a thousand lamps, her tears can melt a million resolves. She has literally “fallen” in love with a stranger she met merely for a few nights and is in a hopeless abyss she does not wish to emerge from. She’s all that and more, and yet, you never know what she has on her arsenal next.
The peals of Sakina’s laughter & the melancholy of her sobs claw at Raj’s heart. Friendship brings them together and soon he falls in love with her, well knowing she’s one with another. He is the quintessential good guy, one you would want to adore and at the same time chide for being naive in love. He is innocence & charm personified, and  serenades Sakina with his honest-to-goodness voice. Masha Allah! Still, he’s human, and in a moment of weakness when he realizes his affections might go unreciprocated, he burns the letter from Sakina to her lover and sabotages her hopes of ever meeting her ‘stranger’ again. 

Lost on umeed, she turns to Raj for support, and in the bargain, maybe even starts loving him.

You want to scold Raj for trying to woo the girl of his dreams by such nefarious means, but his sincerity & true love pull your raised hand back. Saawariya becomes the story of two youngsters with their own interpretations of love and how far they are willing to go to win that love. In this play of emotions, your sympathy starts drifting towards Raj. In spite of what he’s done, you wish he would become one with Sakina. He almost does, until Sakina’s past comes back to catch up with her. And in that one penultimate moment, Raj is wiped clean from her memory and left there, heartbroken, watching the boat sail away with her & her ‘stranger’ in it. In that instant, your heart breaks too. You hate Sakina for having left someone as pure as Raj, who but committed only one folly to save his love. The pain of losing it is felt not in Raj’s words which he does not utter, but in his silence - pleading, begging, cajoling her to stay. A moment’s hesistation, and she’s gone. He’s alone once more and his life becomes clouded by the hue pervading the landscape – blue. You feel the sadness dragging you down. But you know that Raj is a good chap – ek Allah ka banda, and that he will be back soon, with his guitar, his soulful voice, his carefree dance and his unmatchable love. In that moment of emptiness, a smile comes across your face knowing that he’ll be all right…

Doli mein bithaake

Sitaaro se sajaake

Zamaane se churaake

Le jaayega ek roz tera udaa ke jiya



  1. hey chingu:)
    i love your extensive vocabulary...,.it's awe inspiring!! like, wow!!!
    it's been a while since i visited your write more often.
    & hey, enjoy being a celebrity when you are one. you have the amazing privilege of having the best of both worlds, but it won't last forever. so, instead of wishing to be one of the people who probably wish they were you, sit back & enjoy the ride of being a celeb....

  2. hey!! it's me again:)
    i was just hoping that i helped in a small way at least. every time i read your blog 'back on track....' , it pulls on my heart strings& at the same time makes me want to read it again & again.
    you really have a way with words.
    Lea:)(Niharika is my friend...LOL)

  3. Finally,
    I come across somebody who appreciates Saawariya!!
    Yes, this movie indeed is a magical masterpiece. It is beautiful imagination as well as emotions, personified. The play of emotions, the slightest of gestures and its blend into the musical saga - Its an Ode!! Another peculiar aspect is the character sketch: Specifically of Sakina - that's something is a work of art.
    As you mentioned: confused, alternately scared & fearless lissome lass Sakina, who has madness seeping through her laughter. That's something people find too childish, naive and often nonrealistic. But somewhere every young lady can meet herself in Sakina.
    Wonders Meiyang. We need writers like you who can appreciate such rare work of art in full splendidness.
    Take Care and God Bless.

    niyati ;)

  4. love u chang!!!!
    u r amazing....the way u write..actually makes me rethink bout wad i had thought bout this movie!!!
    take care...n keep writing...
    love u..

  5. You have a very ethereal way of playing with words! You love communicating too! Its lovely to read whatever you write. Thanks for being so fresh! Thanks for being so true to yourself as well!

  6. Hi Meiyang,

    This is you....

    Finding beauty in everything....

    Even Dreams...

    For me i can say 'Saawariya' is a poets dream and nothing else...even if there does exist somethings like this in this mighty world which is very possible....its more like an honest flow of pure and raw emotions.

    BTW....have you seen 'jodha akbar' must have......everytime i watch it i come to understand it better....i like the direction in which the movie goes.....the respect shown for each character...especially when it talks about human bondings.....the way love comes out with dignity and in just the way we handle the siuations....the way we aspire to make it special.

    so these are the ways we learn about 'life'.......

    everytime something different....

    something new.

    Bye and take care

  7. salam

    "come back" we r missing u

  8. wow chang i seen u in ipl ,but i never thought you were a "writer",i really likle you man, you are multi talented person...,u sing ,u draw cartoons and write blogs,...really amazing maann

  9. Hi Meiyang,

    You love to give great surprises.......and i just wonder where will i see u popping up next.

    But then, speaking of this new stage you've chosen for seem to be at complete ease and enjoying the atmosphere........ and around you life is on its total edge......! So, this new avtaar of yours leaves you amongst the great cricketers of the world...the film hero heroines & the topmost business tycoons.......all in their natural forms........ so its all see them whirl and squirm......laugh and and fight......hate and love...and so much beyond the mere imagination of one......all in one flight......and to understand the fact that whoever we all r ......whatever v human beings......v all are the most vulnerable species on this earth.......vulnerable of our own emotions......! As for you......this part of the experience will always remain the part of you to make you more a better person.......helping you fill your diary with some very beautiful episodes....and the renewed definitions of winning and losing......and of the sportsmanship spirit.

    as for the behind the scenes sequels... you and your teammates Mandira Bedi Gaurav Kapur and Samir Kochhar......are doing stupendous job of analysing pointing and in particular look good in your formals........cute and smart......try to use as much cricket phraseology as possible so that it looks that you've been there for a long time.........with a dash of attitude inside it.

    keep smiling........,

    and take care,


  10. Dude... What are you? And why does every word of yours pull on my heartstring and bring out my deepest emotions... If you can make a desensitized and prejudiced New Yorker like me see outside the box that is my life ( the reality of which i have begun to question, thanks to you) .... And make me see the true spirit...

    Thank You...