Saturday, February 21, 2009


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After having savored the little joys of the railways, road travels and towns recently, it is another day at the airport. Ho-hum, I think. Flights have become so drearingly monotonous that my foolproof POA is usually to sleep through the hours - before I know it, I’m at my destination. However, this particular flight turns out to be neo-exciting, thanks to the pilots who are generous enough to invite me in the cockpit & make me feel at home in the cramped environ. 

The setup is imposing!  There are switches, flip panels, lights, gears, dials, radar displays everywhere. The cockpit resembles a war room straight out of the dozen Hollywood movies I’ve watched. I am instantly impressed by these charming & sophisticated pilots- these brave, well-informed & focused men, who carry a great responsibility on their shoulders every single day, and who face everything, even the possibility of the loss of their lives with a smile & a to-die-for attitude.  They explain how the entire system works – the auto pilot, the navigation, the de-pressurization etcetra and I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can. The icing on the cake is the view from the cockpit. . I wonder, if God would ever sit on the clouds and look down upon his creation, this is probably how the world would look to him, tranquil and peaceful (and I wonder, how, of all days, do I forget to bring my camera along on this fateful day!!!). I preposterously attempt to explain in words what my eyes witness that evening. It looks like the palette of Gods, with colors so appealing and the mergers so heavenly- It reinforces my belief that there is definitely a higher power which has created the beautiful world that belies description by the greatest of wordsmiths & philosophers. When the plane turns, so does the horizon, as if slipping off the slant of a table. The loss of orientation is unnerving and for a while, the definitions of up and the down do not apply anymore. 

The clouds part way as we descend slowly, and the millions of city lights lay scattered across the landscape like tiny pieces of crushed glass. The descent creates a plummeting sensation which brings a lump to my throat. I recall a similar dread while on a Ferris wheel as a child. I buckle up & grab whatever I can to prevent myself from tumbling over, and the pilots reassure me with a calm voice & a charming demeanor. Once on terra-firma I’m the last passenger to leave, and I take away with me fond memories and smiles for miles & miles.


  1. it always feels great to read ur blog!!!!
    and i'm sure u felt great seeing the view too!!!
    i only wish i had the ability of writing down my thougths just the way they r in my head..the way u do!!!
    i love ur writing!!!
    love u !!!
    n i'm dyning to hear u sing...!!!
    tell me ...when r we all hearing u sing again chang??!!??? and ya...U R MY INDIAN IDOL!!!!

  2. Hi Meiyang,

    Your post reminded me of the thriller novel i read 'Airframe' by Michael Crichton.......and after reading it i felt.....we all are sitting on the ideas of some many great brains.......their guts...their zest to perform and take those life taking risks....and we take these things for granted very easily....somehow...all those of us who sometime or the other travel by air are surely indebted to those many great humans and their unknown families...and are true when you said that God must be seeing this earth in this similar manner...........this also reminds me i love flying by air too.......i love as the plane takes off and its speed then.........the moment it leaves the ground.......the way it keeps on rising high with its speed.......runs steady.......changes the angles......turns its wings and flaps.........and then eventually as the destination comes closer.......gears itself up in the similar way but in the descending order........i wonder with what kind of adjectives......would have our great Mr. Ravindranath Tagore might have described this whole feeling......i m sure he would have somewhere described it with those countless planes made by God himself who constantly keep on flying in air making those beautiful chirpy noises very early in the morning........and in much better manner.

    Thanks for the fresh air again...,

    We all are in need of oxygen.......rather of a special kind.......were we share and grow.

    Keep up.

    Bye and take care.

  3. Hello Meiyang,

    The writer in you who is back from the hibernation.
    Once again, for someone who hasn't ever taken a flight ride, "the pallette of Gods" is something that pulls me towards it. When you say you forgot your camera, reminds me of something my father told me when I was a child. Some things are just meant to be remembered forever. You can never have glimpses of them in form of photographs; but only in the form of memories. Such ones, seldom seem to fade away.

    I want to thank you for bringing out the experience and that sight in such a charming manner that I could visualize and feel the beauty of something that I never experienced. That's a true writer in his best form.

    Thank you for the divine feeling. ;)