Monday, July 13, 2009


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The ladder never ends. As you climb up rungs and live under the illusion or fallacy that you’ve secured one more victory in life, you look skywards and realize the ladder just got longer, the end somewhere out of sight, beyond the clouds…

All your life you can keep climbing the ladder in the quest to reach the top and never get there! This can be perceived in two ways – the optimist’s dream and the pessimist’s nightmare. The optimist sees this as ambition – a way to push oneself towards achieving more and more. The pessimist knows that this means being insatiable – never satisfied with what one has in life.

While on the way up, a hand may be extended at you for help. Grab it and help, because one good turn deserves another. Once you are higher, you might need a helping hand yourself. It is also true that at every rung scaled, a mad multitude of hands will crop out of nowhere to rip, drag & pummel you down. For just as one person’s manna is another person’s poison, likewise the success of one indeed poisons the minds of many. While many take joy in the success of one, there are others who do not think of how to replicate such success for themselves but plot how to displace the one who’s higher up somewhere on the ladder. Terminally, the seeds of misery are sown & the chalice of woe tipped over. No one emerges a winner. But in the Almighty’s courtyard, there will be justice for all. For one cannot wage a war against one’s destiny, and what is fated to happen shall play itself out.

Is it the need to survive that drives many to entrench self & others in miseries of their own making? A lesson needs to be learnt - Survival is not the sole mantra. Surviving peacefully, with contentment & without malice towards others is! And this will give you what no amount of wealth or fame can provide – adoration & respect of loved ones and the greatest treasure of them all – Happiness.

Therefore, live the optimist’s dream. Keep climbing, irrespective of the hands clawing at you. And while you’re at it, have tones of fun :)


  1. Hi chang , this is kashif,Wow awesome post man , more then your music I am a huge fan of your BLOGS. Keep it up.

  2. yeah chang there r many whor jeouls
    of others success its tough to recognize them they coueven among our friends bt as u wrote jst see ur goal n dont care for such things. ur writings r really convincing keep blogging

  3. meiyang chang, i am a girl who likes to write but doesn't have the guts to play with words as i think i am too naive in terms of writing. but saw u in indian idol, and was surprised by the way u spoke hindi with great fluency. then i started to think if u can do it without any base in music so do i can write without fear. i started to keep in track of ur achievements which lead me to ur blogs. u are sweet and have sincerity in you. keep up the good work and may god bless u. u can always reach me in

  4. Meiyang

    I think a person has some responsibilities in life and the success or failure in life depends on success or failure in carrying out these responsibilities.

    The primary responsibilities are biological in nature. The responsibilities towards one's children, spouse and parents in that order. As a parent, I need to ensure that I raise my children to be responsible members of the society. A man works and earns money to meet these basic responsibilities. A man must strive to meet these responsibilities even if he can't meet any additional ones.

    Then, there are responsibilities a man assumes towards other human beings. All professions involve some implicit obligation to other human beings. A teacher has obligations towards students, a doctor has obligations towards patients and an entertainer has obligations towards his audience.

    Personal desires and ambitions must be pursued within the constraints imposed by these responsibilities.

    Some food for thought!


  5. Excellent.
    In the rat race of ambitions,
    it is difficult to choose a lesser evil between the optimist's dream and a pessimist's nightmare...
    But why not take things positively and live that shade of life fully and completely!!
    That's the true spirit!!

  6. Hi Meiyang,

    Walking in and out of the race, feeling it, facing it, treasuring it, and still having the peace to write a very good thing.

    every life is a small story, eventhough i dont like to accept it, but thats the truth of a Human Life.

    and in meanwhile learning few good and bad truths of it, is the part of every fate...only HE knows how much to teach each of us....!

    but then, its a very big walk, bigger then the our mere thoughts........

    just like these words..........

    'kabhi dekho mann nahi cha he...
    piche piche sapno ke bhage....
    ek din sapno bhara hi....
    chala ja e sapno se agge kahan....!

    and still.....till we live......our dreams can only make certain realities.....possible.

    meanwhile living with peace and accepting the grace is the only thing we can honestly give ourselves.

    keep that smile.


  7. i agree about the 2 views of the ladder. we ca n apply the same thing to expectations too right? optimists look at expectations as challenges to face wile pessimists think of others' expectations as a burden. i think the ladder is really our ambition, if WE have made the ladder for us. if we control the length of the ladder, we wouldn't mind it. but th emoment someone else startgs controlling the ladder, its not our ascension anymore. and yeah i totally agree about the jealous people trying to pull down others. its prevalent especially in eductaion. if a person is scoring good grades, hesn ot appreciated well but either looked down by some parents or looked down upon by his own for not getting more than what he got!

    err i think i may have digressed a bit. sorry

  8. Dear Chang,
    We should not worry about those who hate others. They will reap as they sew.
    Salt which comes out of sea water, dissolves by the very same water. People who hate others will ruin themselves by their own hatred.

  9. what a wonderful post. ladders certainly never end. People think of the ultimate post in their careers and ultimately give it all up for a ladder that leads to salvation. its a never ending process..

  10. This is a very nice post!!
    Well written.
    Thanks for the last two line!

  11. Anonymous5:28 PM

    hey chang..
    i think ur writings hv a lot of truth in them.. u come across as someone very emotional.. n someone who can successfully delve into the inner soul..
    i think u r doing great.. :) keep it up..
    loved reading ur blogs.. :)