Friday, September 04, 2009


It has oft been stated that an empty mind is the Devil’s workshop.

Come now; let’s not be too negative, for some of the biggest creations & the best ideas crop up in an empty mind. It all boils down to application, will power, and a sense of craving fulfillment.

If, for example, you were sitting at home on a Saturday night, while the supposed “entire” world is out partying, what you do with your free time and empty mind is entirely up to you. You can squander it by doing inane, routine stuff or you can build that castle of ideas. It may not be easy, because in today’s world where everything is so damn convenient, most of us find it difficult to think, and have to actually condition our minds to squeeze out that bouquet of ideas. Of course, if you’re one of those who attach no certain value to your existence then your mind is bound to be a fountainhead of a “time-pass” ideology. Your mental canister is replete with thoughts of mischief, pranks, illogical & unnecessary ideas. But if you’re one whose mind houses both good & bad, then God bless you, because you are one rare breed of mischief & brilliance combined.

You lucky bastard, you!