Friday, September 04, 2009


It has oft been stated that an empty mind is the Devil’s workshop.

Come now; let’s not be too negative, for some of the biggest creations & the best ideas crop up in an empty mind. It all boils down to application, will power, and a sense of craving fulfillment.

If, for example, you were sitting at home on a Saturday night, while the supposed “entire” world is out partying, what you do with your free time and empty mind is entirely up to you. You can squander it by doing inane, routine stuff or you can build that castle of ideas. It may not be easy, because in today’s world where everything is so damn convenient, most of us find it difficult to think, and have to actually condition our minds to squeeze out that bouquet of ideas. Of course, if you’re one of those who attach no certain value to your existence then your mind is bound to be a fountainhead of a “time-pass” ideology. Your mental canister is replete with thoughts of mischief, pranks, illogical & unnecessary ideas. But if you’re one whose mind houses both good & bad, then God bless you, because you are one rare breed of mischief & brilliance combined.

You lucky bastard, you!


  1. good to see you blogging after a long time.

  2. Welcome back meiyang!

    Well, an empty mind can be a devil's workshop; but our breed (the writing breed) needs time and space: some emptiness in mind to get inspired for writing, aint it?
    Infact, I'm reminded of our - us the engineers empty spaces funda for exams - read on the previous night, empty it out next day in the paper so that new things can be filled in:)
    Now thats a devils' workshop.

    empty mind is the best source of creativity. After all, devils are intelligent. They just use their creativity in the opposite directions. And at times, nothing wrong in being sweet little devils as well :)

    Its always great to see you back chang. But the wait alwas seems long. Awaiting something more from your end sooner. May be something from a sweet devil's workshop:) (kidding!)

    Lots of love,
    yours always,

  3. Hey Chang,

    Wow..its a nice thought and a good blog as well..

    If i stay alone at home...I will try to keep my thoughts in words..I love to write..:)

    ANd its nice meeting u..:)


  4. you r right chang,some of biggest creations and ideas crop up in empty minds. i always try to find the time to be lonely and think n i write down everything whatever comes in my mind at such really feels good.

  5. Hey welcome back chang.

    @topic. Very true indeed. I think this saying/phrase/proverb was probably invented by someone who just did'nt like to think or was to mechanical in his/her way or working.

    As they say we use only some % of our brain, if we devote some time to "think" about things that matter, maybe we could achieve a lot more as human race.

  6. Hi Meiyang,

    Nice to know that an empty mind had a beautiful and a very funny writeup stored inside it......!

    I like the fact that very few of us humans have courage to accept life as it is.....that is to feel nothing filmy.....or dramatic so not to let us become over enthusiastic about life and take it very seriously......afterall its all gonna end......and all who replace us one day will be too busy playing with robots on their finger tips....!

    But then....on a serious has a tendency to find its path.......just like a river.....which sometimes decides to be an observant of the beautiful nature and the creatures it has created.....but then no one knows what might knock its flow and it may start to give us a store that energy and walk with patience.

    Till then.......keep yourself Fit and Fine.......,

    and smile a lot.


  7. so true....never thought about it so much!....and yes i am reading your blog after a long long time and i am really enjoying all your posts that i missed!:)

  8. well.... u made a point!!!!
    sanguine viewpoint.... yes... its upon you to mk contructive use f ur empty mind..... the so-called devil workshop....!!!!

  9. Anonymous3:02 AM

    I feel scientifically the thought process works 24/7 for everyone till we die...... even the most insane's (mentally handicapped) as well..... its just the potential for creative ideas differs from an individual. " Mind is never empty" - apg