Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cow by Mondojohn,

A return to Mumbai invariably means taking the chaotic rush & traffic head on. It also means that all semblance (or rather, pretense) of road-etiquette inculcated on a foreign trip is lost in the melee of exhaust and human processions. Patiently waiting for the green signal becomes a forgotten memory (in spite of the fact that there isn't really a hurry to get anywhere. One's back to relax, isn't it? Or is it just our innate desire to be ahead at any cost?)

So it comes to be that his unquestioned self-imposed authority on the street takes over and he drives like it's his baap kaa road. However, a Godly wand is waved and speedy justice is delivered. Rash driving is countered by a woman sashaying her ware in a shockingly gaudy sari in the middle of the road, unperturbed by the fact that she's holding up traffic like the Holy Indian Cow. Her rump is all he gets to see (the rest is covered in blingy embellishments) and he could swear that the sway of her hips was not unlike the wag of a cow's tail. Another moment, and she would turn, her mouth full of cud and her eyes full of becalmed disdain.

The cow ambles along. The human in the car zips ahead and still drives like a maniac. The pedestrians continue to saunter on the road like one would in their garden. And hence, the game of retribution continues. Tit-for-tat, how's that?

Now how about working together? How about you use the zebra crossings and I follow the lane system? How about we make being on the street a more pleasurable experience? What? No, it's not mere baap kaa road but can't we just.... Hear me out... But..... I mean...

Ahhhh! Just forget it!!!! Carry on...


  1. Ahhaha!

    And, Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan! ;)
    Welcome back!! :)

  2. Aha..
    Our protagonist is back; but this time, he has something strangely different to share.
    Traffic is all the same everywhere in the nation. Haven't found a single place where people drive "civilized" :p "Walk when you talk" is the notion they adopt; but hey, that's the main road Damn! You're not some king loitering in your private garden. Its' a weird world.
    Loved the pen-portrait of the imaginary cow; none other could probably fit best into the context:)
    Zebra Crossings - ask anyone what they are meant for; only a few may know. hahahaha!!
    By the way, how did the human seem to enjoy that ride, apart from the interruption?
    Great work Chang. Welcome back..!!
    Keep the charm.. :)

    niyati :)

  3. lol, nice one..
    happy to see a new post in your blog :D..
    keep blogging byeeeee

  4. hahaha! super

    omg chang!
    just stumbled upon ur blog!
    nice blog u have out here :)

    keep blogging!

  5. whyis it always considered the drivers' fault? most of the times the pedestrains are responsible for bikes skidding or pile ups. Drivers know they will be crucified if they hit a pedestrain because of their mistake, so they are generally careful.

  6. Hi Meiyang,

    true.......this is life..the traffic....the people....stupid movies.....cicumstances.

    only we r stuck...somewhere we dont want to be.

    only few have been given the chance to enjoy the passing moment.

    take care.

  7. hahaha---love how you captured the typical indian response at the end of your blog post --> "How about we make being on the street a more pleasurable experience? What? No, it's not mere baap kaa road but can't we just.... Hear me out... But..... I mean...
    Ahhhh! Just forget it!!!! Carry on..."

    I think you have a great writing style in this post. :D

  8. kuch cheezien kahi nahi badalti.....aur ye shaayad unme se ek hai.....visualised ur words...nd trust me found the same scene in Kolkata too....mere baap ki road..tere baap ka kya jaata hai....probably wat ws missing was the conversation (the brawls, to be precise), that happen here....once one realises they may have a role to play....paisa thodi lagta hai ji...