Thursday, February 11, 2010


This one is for all the people who've read my blog ever since I was forced into starting one. I've often mentioned at various avenues that I'm a person who expresses himself better with the written word rather than speech. But today, I'm wordless - both with the pen & mouth.

My debut movie under Yash Raj Films called BADMAASH COMPANY, with Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Vir Das is hitting the screens on the 7th of May, 2010 and I cannot but feel limitless exhilaration. All those months of hard work, and the first fruits of it are finally beginning to show...

No word can explain the bouncing-off-the-walls phenomenon I'm experiencing right now, so all I'd like to say is - You've supported me unconditionally, right from the days of Indian Idol and I have deep gratitude for that. All I ask is, no matter what the fate of the film, be there with me. Keep me in your prayers, always.

And yes, go watch the movie in the theaters. Make this extraordinary story an extraordinary hit :)


  1. All the best for the movie. And I don't generally watch Yashraj Films but I will watch this one to watch you on the screen. I already know you have an amazing screen presence. So, will be worth it.

  2. Hey!

    you are looking gr8 in the poster. :)
    all the very best for the movie :))
    eagerly waiting for the movie to release ^_^

    God bless ya!
    take care

  3. You needn't mention that Meiyang : "Keep me in your prayers"

    You're always there; right there. Its really nice to hear about your debut movie. All the very best for that.
    You know what? There's always a first time; but whenever there's a first time, you get goosebumps, you have cold feet! All the effort and pain and the brushing-up you've gone through, to come out polished - its an experience no words could ever define.
    Needless to mention; but we're always there with you buddy. We've not known you as a star; we just know you as a fellow next-door who has touched the heights of stardom and the one who goes through the same bunch of emotions; who has weird dreams like us; who lives the way like we do - being happy, being positive, being sad sometimes and happy the rest and inspiring us all. We all love you for who you are and what you do. Keep the charm and keep writing.

    niyati :)

  4. Woah!
    All the best :)

  5. God bless you Meiyang Chang! And good luck.

  6. Sarva mangalam! First of all, I must say, from the bottom of my heart best wishes and blessings always shower upon you for a bright future. Chingoo Mingoo, you are an extremely sincere person and extraordinary character. Who can not bless for you? All Hindustanists plus your fans around the world bless you with altruistic joy. By the power of the Triple Gem, may I wish you to have 100 of continuous invitations and opportunities for new MOVIES. Please, accept my blessings for the best and most popular young actor in Bollywood!

  7. thts really exciting !!
    all the best for your movie and be sure i am purchasing atleast 10 tickets for first day first show.....
    do send me an autograph too :P it would be very difficult to get after the release
    PS please convey this to anoushka that I love her ;)

  8. Exciting !!!!!!!!

    I can assure you all Allenites will be proud to see your first movie in action as soon as it is released.All the best.


  9. Another milestone! May there be many more! I will watch this movie for sure.

  10. amazing addition
    seems like your love for EVAM's and your passion for drama has brought you great accol......
    it was only time before you did this
    II3 the first step
    II4 the presenter
    and now the actor has come to party
    lots of love

  11. Hi Meiyang,

    Hey this is indeed a wonderful newz.......:)

    Congratulations and Best Of Luck for this new Start...A New Career.

    V will definitely watch u on the big screen only.

    Till then,

    Keep up that Smile...:)

  12. Anonymous4:09 PM

    all the best i noe u'll do ur best n the movie will be a hit a big part of it contributed byy uuuu
    god iss always wid uuuu

    n me too

  13. Anonymous4:15 PM


    You are always the best. Since it is your first debut in films, you should not worry too much about the fate. Remember that an unpolished diamond needs cutting and polishing to bring out its shine and sparkle.

    You are already our shining star - so you are almost there. Good luck.

  14. Riddhi Pandya9:39 AM

    Hi Meiyang,
    Actually i was expecting you in the Bollywood and finally you prove it..wish you very congrats first and ALL THE VERY BEST for you debut movie. you are looking very smart in the poster. I'l sure watch this movie as soon as it releases.
    God bless you always...



  15. Marvellously narrated story
    great fame awaits.!