Monday, March 01, 2010


There are films that get you thinking about issues that years of learning & reading would not have invoked. It may be shameful on our part not to feel about it, or perhaps the detachment is a byproduct of not having been in the thick of such issues or personally not having known someone who died in it or for it. Firaaq and Black Friday are gritty, intense films that refer to some important black chapters of the country's history & deal with the victimisation of a certain sect of society; most of them pulled into the cesspool either out of hateful incitement or a sense of injustice. A moving scene in Firaaq shows four youths fighting to own a solitary bullet for their only gun, just because each believes he has been a victim of injustice more than the other! 

Now I'm not one to point fingers or to excuse the sin of a person. The instinctive response to injustice is rage & vengeance. Situations have gone out of hand before in our country. Blood has been shed mindlessly on either side. The Us and Them have suffered equally in terms of tranquility & peace of mind if not property & lives of friends, children, loved ones. Both have been right and wrong. Both have seen the futility of violence & felt the angst of loss. Then why must the blood lust continue? Why must we let our minds be provoked & poisoned against the other? Mob mentality is volatile - it is child's play to incite; more than anything it is just so damn convenient to let our base instincts take over & unleash the animal within us. When will we put our differences aside and sort out our niggling issues? When will we stop burning our own people just so to turn the tide against the opposers? Why prosecute innocents while people in national custody continue to make a mockery out of our judicial system? Where will it all end?  

On a positive note, The Us and Them do have the peace-mongers; those who'd give their lives to broker harmony & make things "as they were" ages ago. They are mere drops in the ocean, but the foundations of an amicable future will be built on these minimums. Will there come a day when we shall live in togetherness & peace, or will we regret that the pages of our lives which should've been decorated with the mirthful ink of empathy & compassion have been splattered with morose blotches of abhorrence & turmoil? Will there come a day when the Us and Them will truly become "WE", just the way it should be? Easier said than done, but then again, hope is such a wonderful thing ...


  1. Yeah but for that wee need to do a lot of work. Trusting them being the main part. But that is easier said than done isn't it? One such movement has caught my eye, initiated by the TOI called ' aman ki asha'. Also we could take the example from south africa under nelson mandela on how they forgot their past injustices and forgave them to create a united nation. We an at least hope for a nation at peace if not Lennon's world without religion

  2. An idea cannot be killed by a bullet. An idea can only be killed by a better idea. - Shantaram

  3. Meiyang you truly write beautifully.

    This is my comeback to "inciters":

    If you told me to hate,
    I would not.

    If you told me to lie,
    I would not,

    If you told me to cheat,
    I would not.

    If you paid me millions,
    I still would not.

    If you put a gun to my head,
    I still would not.

    I would like to be a drop
    in the steady stream of
    that "new race of men".

  4. Hi Meiyang,

    V the Human Race have now the responsibility to repair something....each of us....whoever wherever nd whatever v r doing...v need to understand that by just small lil bit of conversations amongst us v have to change things into turnaround the situations by writing, saying, seeing...good in others...that way saluting god in each of us...forgiving and forgetting, moving ahead nd progressing at an intellectual work for a want of a beautiful Nation.

    Our Nation...Our World.

    Our God's World.

    Nd then, there would be no US/THEM.

    I hope its not too difficult to do something for our own good.

    What do u say.

  5. Meiyang,
    I agree with the ideas in your post wholeheartedly. We should focus on our similarities more than our differences. And if worse comes to worse-- we should agree to disagree. Blowing up innocent people never helps anything nor is it ever going to.

    I also love Imagineer and Shazi's responses.

  6. Very interesting and I agree. I think you should keep blogging. Writing was one good habit I gave up courtsey another profession which doesnt believe in weekends (or popularity for that matter..;) ). But that is why I would always encourage good writers to keep going. In your case, your voice and reach so many people. Better then that it be a voice for reason (like yours) and than one without it (please refer to the recent Miley Cyrus performance that people are more interested in than the Syria debate).