Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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I believe in a time-tested maxim: if you have nothing good to say about someone, it's best not to say anything at all. In short, what we call "bitching" is quite an unhealthy practice. Some compulsively speak ill of people, others do it for fun or for personal vendetta; to score one over another or to rocket one's ego; the sense of "I am Right, you're Wrong." Before you know it, it becomes a habit & the habit transmogrifies into a negative character trait, hence opening up a Pandora's box .We often mistake "venting" for "bitching".  Venting may be good, the latter is not. One need NOT translate into the other. It's a personal choice, and I'm sure we're mature enough to make the right one. Spread the good word!


By the way, I've just realized the reason for my steadily declining blog posts. No, it's not just a decently busy schedule but an addiction for brevity. In simpler terms, an inclination towards the micro-blogging monster that is Twitter. However, although brevity is considered the soul of wit, bibliophiles will agree that nothing beats a full-blown written conversation. Which is why I try to bring myself back to my writing roots; back to my blog and breaking free of the 140 word-limit shackles.


The city of Mumbai is dotted with gigantonormous slums. Millions reside in these inadequate spaces and it is this forced proximity that perhaps strikes an instant kinship amongst them; making every joy & sorrow a shared sentiment. The street outside my house is often witness to the bonding these slum-dwellers share in many walks of their lives, where they sing & dance together as a secular unit at festivals, lose themselves in the merriment of a mate's first step into marital bliss, grieve on each other's shoulder on someone's passing and gang up against the tide when one of their own is shown in poor light. Irrespective of the occasion, I have seen them enjoy their slice of life to the hilt, augmented by playful gossip & ranting debates. Loneliness is, by habit, an unknown feeling for them. 

In this vast, vast city, where distances or the lack of it can kill conversations, this bonhomie is indeed a visual & spiritual treat. As I write this, there is a considerable din brewing up downstairs, which is an indication of another approaching excuse for merriment. So for the meantime, I shall cool my fingers & become a busy observer. Till next time …

"Evolve Your Mind" by Jesi

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Many people have asked me whether I check in to my blog anymore. The answer is a jolly YES! Yes, I do come back to my blog and I always go through your opinions, bouquets & brickbats. I love reading & writing and nothing can keep me away from the written word for long. But sometimes, just sometimes, my creative will & urge to pen something takes off on a collective holiday. I then remind myself that in spite of current commitments & new directions, there are certain things that I love doing and may never leave. In that vein, I can only offer to say this: the written word is a true vehicle for my thoughts and I shall ensure this vehicle is well-oiled & regularly serviced. Onwards then! 

The phrase "I love you from the bottom of my heart" would actually be, if we look at it from a Medical point of view, one of the most inappropriate form of speech to display your affection. If you remember your undergraduate Biology lessons, deoxygenated blood (blood poor in oxygen) enters the heart through the Right Atrium and is passed through the Right Ventricle to the lungs for re-oxygenation and removal of carbon dioxide. It's only the Left side of the heart that receives AND delivers pure, oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. So on principle, if you're intent on certifying the purity of your love to that special someone, the phrase you should be using is, "I love you from the LEFT side of my heart."

I just tried it on my lady love and she fell for it!!! My explanation must have been convincingly sound, or perhaps she was just being too polite to laugh ;)

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