Sunday, April 18, 2010


Many people have asked me whether I check in to my blog anymore. The answer is a jolly YES! Yes, I do come back to my blog and I always go through your opinions, bouquets & brickbats. I love reading & writing and nothing can keep me away from the written word for long. But sometimes, just sometimes, my creative will & urge to pen something takes off on a collective holiday. I then remind myself that in spite of current commitments & new directions, there are certain things that I love doing and may never leave. In that vein, I can only offer to say this: the written word is a true vehicle for my thoughts and I shall ensure this vehicle is well-oiled & regularly serviced. Onwards then! 

The phrase "I love you from the bottom of my heart" would actually be, if we look at it from a Medical point of view, one of the most inappropriate form of speech to display your affection. If you remember your undergraduate Biology lessons, deoxygenated blood (blood poor in oxygen) enters the heart through the Right Atrium and is passed through the Right Ventricle to the lungs for re-oxygenation and removal of carbon dioxide. It's only the Left side of the heart that receives AND delivers pure, oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. So on principle, if you're intent on certifying the purity of your love to that special someone, the phrase you should be using is, "I love you from the LEFT side of my heart."

I just tried it on my lady love and she fell for it!!! My explanation must have been convincingly sound, or perhaps she was just being too polite to laugh ;)

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  1. DelennDax76:03 PM

    Makes sense to me-since the right side of the brain (where emotions & intuition reside)controls the left side of the body! Wwweeee....this is fun - I don't have to count my letters like a silly Twit!

  2. haha! nice post x))
    I'm REALLY bad in I wasn't knowing that!! xP

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Keep writing and posting. Your fans are not only anticipating to read more..... but also to give moral support to a multi-talented star. Brickbats help one to grow and mature. Go head-on with it.

  4. hehe!...nice explanation!...I never thought abt it...even though being a Bio student!

  5. you have justified it your way perhaps but there was some sms joke on never to fall for that phrase because while it is from the bottom of one's heart, the top and the half-way portion might just be lovin' somebody else? (i dunno something of that sort)... but your post reminded me of that:))

  6. Hello Goodmaash,
    I always wonder about your art of thinking. This is really facinating and it makes us feel that who you are. I wish I could borrow it for sometime.
    You are a complete creative package. You have all the qualities required to be a superstar in any field of arts at any time. Wait for a while. There are many more beautiful opportunities are being lined up for you. Then what's more?

  7. Hi chang,heard that phrase many times bt never thought in that way.well it's jst u who cud think in that smarter way.that's actualy impressive.

  8. hmmmmmmmmm..... never thought bout it!!! newssss

  9. well whoozz this....thank uu............. owner of the comment??

  10. :) It is always good to see you back on blogger meiyang!
    Feels a pleasure reading your work and getting inspired back again. Of late I had given up writing for some reasons but reading your work inspires me to kick start again! Its strange but for the good on how I suddenly stumble upon here and find peace. May be it is the truth and magic in your words.

    About the phrase: A witty one from a doctor. But a dissected statement from a writer :)

    Keep the charm and take care.

    Yours always,

  11. A very smart way of thinking. ;-)

  12. Hi Meiyang,
    I am so glad you are never going to quit writing...with FB and twitter out there I had forgotten about your blog, I just happened to look at it today and remembered how I had admired your writing skills and how much it inspires me...So keep on writing...:)

  13. Hahahahahaha!!! My God Meiyang!!! You have just destroyed one of my favourite love phrase!! Hahahaha! Just Kidding! A very intelligent and sarcastic reflection about the innapropiate use of the language...

    But it´s ok, never mind. I still believe that this is one of the most romantic songs I´ve ever heard:

    "I just called to say I love you
    I just called to say how much I care
    I just called to say I love you
    And I mean it FROM THE BOTTOM, sorry!, LEFT SIDE OF MY HEART".

    hahahahaha!! :)

    I Just Called To Say I Love You
    (Stevie Wonder)

  14. Or maybe the fact that you put so much thought into a phrase thats almost overused, touched her. :). Hilarious post.

  15. Anonymous2:38 AM

    nice car- apg