Thursday, May 20, 2010


Picture courtesy: Dr. Sheetal Amte

Pictures and journals have an irreplaceable significance. They bring back a deluge of memories with them, some of which you're fondly reminded of and others which you cannot relate to any more. And since this blog is roughly 4 years old, the older posts throw a revealing light over the changing state of mind of the author. He used to be more carefree with his words, discussions, opinions and the enthusiasm could literally be "felt" through his writings. Four years later, a cloud of maturity hovers over his writing (which is good) but an unnecessary self-censorship has crept in; reining in words, expressions, anecdotes. Somewhere along the years, the carefree child has lost his way and a cautious adult has taken his place. 

He intends to be that child in his writings again. He intends to use the language he wants, to write whatever he wants even if it's politically incorrect & may rattle some sensibilities. Perhaps no one is judging him, but sometimes a man has to be his own judge


"BADMAASH COMPANY" is a hit! Phew! What a relief. One can hardly sum up the experience garnered over 7 months of filming this mammoth team-effort in a few words. All I can say is that when life threw lemons, "Zing" used them with his Tequila shots ;) 

In any field of work, observation is an integral part of one's learning process. While the film was a good teacher, yours-truly learnt more about life, people, genuineness & illusions AFTER the film was wrapped. Wiser, stronger, more confident I emerged, albeit with a dash of skepticism. I had a blast making this film with some genuinely genuine people (if that makes sense) .I'm glad that many of you have liked Badmaash Company. Some have watched it more than once, many have dragged their friends & family too. It's this love that has helped me grow from the shy contestant to what I am today. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again, "from the left side of my heart" :) And to those who still haven't seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Free tickets? ;)


  1. carefree childhood that's what everyone longs for,there is nothing which one could not do at his childhood,he can scream,cry,laugh anywhere anytime .maturity comes with age which is good but it takes something with it,well that's life we could not anything for free here:)

  2. Haha I loved Badmaa$h Company, FUN movie.. and you were surprisingly good even in the emotional scene..the scene after the crazy drinking partying night after you throw up and hit the girl.

    Yeah, a man has to be his own judge, has to know the right from wrong. But let go also. Its your blog, its your space - if you cannot be completely YOU even here, then where else!?

    All the best

    - A Fan :)

  3. Hi,

    I have just returned home after finally watching 'Badmaash Company' and was going to send you a message giving my feedback. And co-incidently I see, you have written a post on the i got a apt place to give my comments. :)
    Ok...firstly, this is really weird for me because well, I have been fond of you ever since you were on Indian Idol and have been following your blog since then. And it was just great to see so much of you again (that too in an entire MOVIE!) All i am trying to say is hope I dont sound like a stalker on loose! :P
    Now, I am not obssesed...just a lil fond of you! ;) the movie!
    1.I wanted to watch it very badly...just because you were in it! :) So,finally today i dragged my friend with me.
    2. And i have to admit that it was worth it! Let me tell you, for a dentist turned singer turned are freakin great! :D You have acted amazingly well even though you got no prior experience. The initial part of the movie where you played this character of a young graduate who wants to have a good life with lots of money...the next part where you turn into an bratty alcoholic with an abusive shade and the last part where you play this sobered down, matured character left me completely in awe! You played so many different emotions in just one movie and you did it so well.....
    I will definitely say that Bollywood has got another Danny Dengongpa in you! Probably even better.....You were such a different, fresh face in the everyday bollywood cliches!
    All I will say is....You are going to go places Chang but don't forget where you came from! :)
    Now i will stop blabbing! :)
    Take care,

  4. DelennDax73:52 PM

    When I was a very little girl, I remember having an imaginary boyfriend named "Michael"-we were madly in love! (We even "lived in sin"-eegads :-O)! At what point did Michael leave my life? I don't recall us breaking-up. But, some point..he was no longer with me. I also remember having a diary where I honestly wrote about my thoughts & feelings. Both are gone. At some point, I stopped believing, stopped creating. My carefree innocence was gone. I also remember throwing my crutches out and when asked what I was doing, I casually responded (after falling, of course), "Oh, I'm just seeing if God healed me yet." That innocent faith evaporated at some point, as well. So, here I am bogged down in a soaking wet adulthood with stinky moldy growths appearing..unable to see what isn't there, unable to trust my thoughts & feelings to others-and worst of all-no longer "believing" the way I used to. If I had known growing up that I would no longer dream or trust, I think I would have opted for eternal youth.

    Okay, I've digressed from your original post and have gone off on my own lil tangent here. Just don't lose the sweet innocence of freedom-to be. The more you become a Celebrity (with a capital "C", of course), the more you'll be exposed to public scrutiny. And that's where self-censorship might creep in & threaten to take over. BE who you are, CREATE what you want, & KNOW that it's alright, it always will be.

  5. Anonymous7:00 PM

    wooohhooo!!!!!!!SO HAPPY 2 SEE U BACK AGAIN!!SMASH HIT!!!!!!IT HAD 2 BE!!


  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    u r right about ur 1st part CHANG,but gotta tell dat we love our old chang n author more!!
    talking about judging ur correct, n whenever u need judgement of sm1else we r always thr 4 uu!!
    depends if u want us or not!!

  7. Anonymous7:09 PM

    LOVE !!

  8. HI change!
    Good to see u back.. was waiting for new post!
    I m still to watch the movie.. n m gonan watch only coz ur in .. As everyone saying... i was always fond f u since Idol days.. I asked u many times on tiwtter, did u meet javet akhtar lately?
    u gotta thankx him after the success of movie. He was the one who recognised the sincerity in you and gave u ur first break in I Idol. n ofcourse all judges.. But i guess javet akhtar was the one!
    all the best for everyhting! any new project or movie coming?

    keep writing brother!


  9. Well dear. First time on this blog. I must say I'm impressed. You do write well. ;-)

    Now in regards to this post. I believe time changes everything. The old/wiser we get the more "sensibly" we write and the more conscious we are of our writing. And you being a star now would make you more cognisant of what the media would make of your thoughts and opinions. BUT even so, I do believe atleast on your blog, you should be able to be open-hearted regardless of what people think/say.

    Now in regards to your movie, unfortunely I was not able to go and see it due to my little sis having 2 exams on the week of the release of the film. And me being the "nice" and "wonderful" big sister I am, promised her I wouldn't go and see it without her at which point they took it out of the cinemas of the uk and replaced it with Kites. :-(

  10. Hey! I finally managed to find a cinema to watch your movie. :-)

    I loved it. Now waiting for it to be released on DVD, so I can purchase it. ;-)

  11. Hey Chang, I just loved B'company, I would say it's one of the bests in recent years! Loved the masti that you guys did in this movie! Your role was equally important as the others!
    Pankaj Sharma

  12. Hi Meiyang,

    Nice to c u writing again....if one thing i like most abt u is that u spk ur mind.

    You know what i feel....when a child becomes a man or women....nd it grows....v shd let that child learn....let him learn abt the world around...once the child estabilishes around that he is harmless......lives and let others live with full dignity...then let that child free....then the child should let the words flow nd emotions speak....let him smile and dance [without steps]....because then, that child is pure....true to his Father [His GOD].......His Being.

    It would be life then fully lived...:)

    And so....creating a beautiful world around him.

    Keep smiling....:)

  13. hiiiii bhaiya,
    i have seen badmash company 15 times jst 4 d sake of u...

  14. Yooo Meiyang, i saw that movie on eng subs cause i like this types of bollywood movies even i am from canada and a canadian, to be honest you are looking better than sohid and others, I Uploaded this Movie on my other blog and guess what over 669 Downloads only in one month, I earned 4 Dollars Haha XDDDD