Wednesday, July 07, 2010


In this picture: The Dreamcatcher; part of Native American tradition is a symbolic web which when hung above the dreamer filters dreams from the night air, letting only the good dreams through
Dream a big dream. Become a child again. Dream the colorful. Dream the vivid. Dream the impossible
And if you think that there are no dreams left inside you, then shake yourself up. 
Because dreams never die! They're what keep you going when there seems absolutely no reason to
Dream a big dream...
In case you're wondering what prompted these lines, I can only direct you to a wonderful piece of art shared with me by a friend who's always been a pillar of support & sometimes a source of conflict as well. It made me smile and wonder what my dreams would have been like if this chapter called life hadn't happened. If I had still been a child with dreams where anything was possible, madness was good & visions unclouded by reason. Sometimes, just sometimes, let the world we see around us dissolve like paint on a wet canvas. Let us for once see it not for what it is, but for what we'd like it to be. Who knows, our dreams might give us the answers we've been looking for.


  1. hiii chang,loved this post.i always dreamt big,i knew they will be true one day but...don't know my thinking changed as i grew elder... it seemed they will never come true .still i think they will but i m not sure now don't hve the same confidence as i had b4 two years.i was afraid i will lose them..but i don't want to lose them i love them. i love my dreams n the world i see in my dreams.i was afraid of the life where i won't hve nything to dream...but after reading ur post..i knw they will never die wht if they seem to be unclear now...thanks chang...ur this blog post really touched me n i feel more confident now.thanks ..n once again u write very well ..i luv reading ur posts.

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    well done!!

  3. Anonymous6:59 PM

    woww!!thanxx!!but dunno wat will happen if my dreams which r not childish doesn't come true...i noe i cant stop dreaming but then also...........i noe dis 'coz iam living/suffering through God's test of my patience!!DONT WORRY UR DREAMS WILL ALWAYS COME TRUE 'COZ SO MANY PPL R THR PRAYING 4 U ESP. ME!!

  4. Those lines.. kinda inspired me.. o.o

    Nice post! ^^

  5. i think ur r in d profession u luv... dat is ur big dream dat has cme true..waitin for mine 2 cme true...i myself luv actin very much n want 2 b a part of it... bt at dis point of life i cant choose parents r tellin me dat film line is very risky if u r a struggler... bt i luv it .. n also i cant wash off my parents dream.... CONFUSED!!!!!! jst 15 yrs old n so tensed..... anyway.... nice blog n best of luck for ur future!!!!!!!!

  6. Ah, to revisit my childhood dreams! I had a wonderful imagination..but at some point, I became self-conscious & realized that "big girls" don't have imaginary for the sake of sanity & friendships, I pretended I couldn't see him anymore. *sigh* Ah, the world around me was mentally balanced & healthy..been bored ever since! Gee, I wonder if my imaginary boyfriend kept up with technology & now has an imaginary cell phone number I could look up? ;-D

  7. Thanks Chang!!


  8. its the possibility of dream come true that makes life interesting! :) love all your posts chang!! <3

  9. Hii Chang, chanced upon your blog by chance but have thoroughly enjoyed reading it....Good work.....I write a blog myself and can totally understand when u say tht u can't stay away frm the written word for long..........

    Thanks for this post abt dreams...nice one!!

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  11. ooooh.... that is definitely an awesome book!