Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Promises are like fragile relationships; made with the intent of being fulfilled but often broken & forgotten with nonchalant disdain. Everyone promises something to someone or themselves. My promise to myself is quite simple. Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case) and cast my thoughts into the virtual vastness. Often time races ahead of my thoughts and I'm left holding a mental slate devoid of any words for weeks at end. And sometimes all it takes is one inspiration to trigger a consuming urge to write straightaway, just like now!

A regulation Facebook update of a friend read thus tonight: 

मुस्कुराऊँ कभीतो लगता है
जैसे होठों पे क़र्ज़ रखा है 

These lines from an eternal classic provided the spark that inspired the following prose; coated in philosophy & meant to cheer. Little did I know that the intentioned optimism would lift my spirits as well! I raced my thoughts against time and just like that, my words won! 

I am no poet but let's just say that I could not resist sharing this with you:

"क़र्ज़ का ज़िक्र ना कर,
ग़मों की फ़िक्र ना कर
मुस्कुराये जा कोई कितना भी रुलाए.
मुस्कुराये जा
तो क्या अगर कोई वजह नज़र ना आए.
इन होठों पे गीत सजाए जा,
बेपरवाहगाए जा..."

Till next time...


  1. Dear Chang, it's nice to see you here after a long time. I knew that you went to Sri Lanka for IIFA. Now you are busy with 'The Chair'. Your birthday is coming soon. Let me wish you Happy Birthday!
    In one Sutra, the Buddha said that it is extremely difficult to understand people since the complexity of their mind but animals are straightforward in nature and therefore they can be understood easily. They do not hide their true nature but people always do.
    This flickering fickle mind difficult to guard, difficult to control, but we need to guard and control it as a fletcher straightens an arrow.
    It always flutters as a fish that is drawn out of its watery abode. So, it is not strange why people cannot keep promises. But being honest to yourself, you can keep any promise because you know that it's a promise.

  2. sharmila8:38 PM

    well said !! A line from a TV serial comes into my mind right now.(Vade tut jate hain par koshishey kamyab hoti hain)

  3. hiiii chang ....nice to read ur blog ,it's nicely written nd also u say u r no poet but the prose u wrote contradicts ur words ......really nice, nd always keep smiling:)

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    zindagi ek paribhasa hai , ek ghazab ki ankahi ansuni abhilasha hai , ae dost ye na puch kya hai ye jindgi sawar gayi toh pyar nahi toh tamasha hai

    must say u have got a nic camera ... i use ur blog to teach my students n they quite enjoy

  5. very well expressed in words...
    chang ur gud at gud things :)
    i hear some lines echoing in my mind right now..
    ".... i have PROMISES to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep...."
    well ..nthn lyk thz lines of robert frost...

  6. Hey Chang, luv d pic and the blog, the title :"Promises and Prose" is sooo apt........luvd reading this.....keep bloggin.....TC

  7. Dear meiyang,

    That is indeed wonderful. As I always mention: You always inspire and bring a smile.

    I fell in love with the very first line:
    "Promises are like fragile relationships; made with the intent of being fulfilled but often broken & forgotten with nonchalant disdain"
    And then people so conveniently claim: "Promises are meant to be broken"
    Great work.

    Love always,
    niyati :)

  8. Hi Meiyang,

    I sometimes wonder the reason of this human race...and many a times i find this question in other minds as well. Today i found in your post.
    I dont know if anyone can answer it or not..but i guess if we know that one reason our reason to live and then perhaps smile will vanish all of us once will vanish in nothingness.

    But then if we have came in this world there r ppl who love us and many more who come and go. To smile with them is our only way to bond and to understand that we r together.

    Smile....for i dont know anything else.

    So keep smiling..:)

  9. hey chang, i loved reading ur blog but wen it came to ur poet..(i can't read hindi) but i can understand it some what. so pls if u wil translate wats in the poet in english it wil b v helpful for ppl like me. u r a good writer. keep it up and all the best for ur future. tc