Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What was one of the first, most important lessons we learnt at school? That whatever happens, happens for good. Our first ever lesson of optimism is unfortunately not always the first thing on our mind when the going gets tough. In calamities we lose hope and even on sunny days we fear it won't last long enough. Optimism and Hope are soul-sisters. One cannot exist without the other. Together, they help one weather the fiercest storm. Yes, times may be bad. Yes, they might look like they're hurtling towards disaster but if we never even THINK that things might get better then they never will. If the battle is lost in the mind then truly all is lost - the storm has already wrecked you.

Hope is one helluva strong line by which many lives "hang in there". Indestructible, unbreakable and with a lifetime guarantee, it cannot be purchased at a store but is manufactured by kindred souls and distributed to those in need of it. It is a shimmer of light in the darkest abysses, a pathfinder, the difference between those who muster ample courage to carry on or to fall off the wonderful but sometimes difficult road of life. To be able to see the light, we must first be willing to LOOK. 

We all know the story of Pandora's box, right? This popular fable of Greek mythology tells the story of a lady who unleashed evil, sickness and misery on the world from a box in her possession. Hope was the only item that could not make it's way out of the box; withheld from mortals so that their lives should be full of misery and despair. We're often like Pandora ourselves; unleashing every possible malady known to man but unwittingly keeping hope bottled up inside, the one thing that can redeem us and set us free. As with most things, the answers lie within ourselves. All we need to do, is open our minds...

It's uncanny how we often know what is right for us but fail to put it into practice. I've often  been guilty of badly faltering myself. It's as they say; Doctors are the worst patients. But I hope, that my words may find someone in need and kindle the light in them, and in doing so, in me as well.

Remember: No matter how good or bad things go for you, never EVER lose your enthusiasm for life and for what you want from it