Friday, December 03, 2010


That probing look!
I've perhaps encountered nothing more confounding than the blank look on people's faces in my travels around the world. You'd relate to what i'm saying. You probably face it every single day! This look could be one of disinterest, indifference or a distant zombie-like one; especially prevalent in crowded places, busy neighbourhoods, chaotic surroundings, work stations (and sometimes in the audiences of Live concerts as well. Ulp!) where the populace seems to be existing on some kind of otherworld & running on autopilot. It could be directed at you, probing you to the bone, or looking right through you. Irrespective of that, the look gets quite disconcerting, frustrating even, as it is impossible to decipher what is going through the mind of the looker. 

Are they happy/sad/zoned out? What brought them to their current situation in life? Have they had a tiff with family/friend/lover? Don't they care, or do they care too much? Are they hoping that by giving you the look you'll stop bothering them & go away? Are they practicing the look just to bewilder you? Can I dig a hole in the ground & bury myself???

Questions, questions, questions!

If only we could peel off their faces & peep into their minds, we could become brilliant psychologists. But alas! The mask is unpenetrable; cloaking a million stories & emotions, and the thoughts unretrievable. It ain't that easy to read a face after all.

So the next time you're minding your own business or trying to get some work done and you get the look, perhaps you'll be asking the same questions I am! Feel free to let me know when you decode this one ;)


At Archana's sangeet in Kolkata
Over the years, you have showered unconditional love on me, a stranger who had nothing to lose when he first came on to the National platform. But all this would NOT have been possible if not for the lady in this picture: Archana, my elder sister who just got married on 28th November 2010 was the one who egged me on, forced me to go for the Indian Idol auditions (I wouldn't have if not for her). The rest, as they say is a warm, memorable history. I request you to be generous with your wishes & prayers for a happily married life for her, yet another stranger for you but someone who's very close to my heart :)


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Hi Meiyang,
    In this humbling posting, there's a deep sense of respect and humanity revealed in your personality to your dear elder sister, Archana. I know how proud you are of Archana in making a difference in your life (in Indian Idol 3) to stand out tall in the medling crowd. Here's wishing Archana and her husband a very happy married life with God's richest blessings.

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    u looking tooo good in d pic but not better than ur sis!!
    plzz wish her all d very best 4 her lyff!!
    and yeahhh U HAVE GOT D LOOKS!!

  3. wishing ur sister and her family a bright and happy thoughtful of you chang not to forget ur past...let u be a model for every youth!!!

  4. Dear Chang, what a grateful person you are! I always say that you are a rare type of person. You have proved it. Read the following.

    In the Gradual Discourses the Buddha said:"Katannu katavedi puggalo dullabho lokasmim." The literal meaning is: "it is rare to find a person who is grateful and acts in returns with gratitude (when the right time comes for him to help the one who helped him before)".

    You are a follower of the Buddha. So, you always will be blessed.
    I bless your sister for a bright future with happiness,good health and prosperity.

  5. Wishing happy married lyf to charming archana ... Nd u both r luking gr8 in dis pic.

  6. Bhavana7:44 PM

    All your fans are thankful to you elder sister..! :)
    We love both of you from the Left side of our hearts.. :P :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this part of your life. It is great that you continue to value the amazing people in your life. And big thank you and wishes to the woman who gave us one of the most successful indian idols.

    About "the look"... I think sometimes people are too exhausted to be "on" in an interaction. I imagine for someone like you, who looks right into the other persons eyes, this can be disconcerting. But everytime I have given the look I was either exhausted, checked out or on rare occassions disliked the person conversing with me (or at least the content of conversation).