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Wouldn't you agree if I told you that the bathroom is the best place to sing a song? What with the intimate comfort of the space, the unmatchable acoustics & the chill/warmth of the shower/bucket bath as you polish your set of pipes: this is where I first thought I could sing!!! (And, I'm sure, so have many of you). Ask me to sing off-hand & I might hesistate. Put me on stage or stand outside my bathroom door & you'll hear a different me. This was the place where I did most of my riyaaz before going for the Indian Idol auditions! This is the spot where in hotels around the world, I find my solace before going on stage or in the recording studio.

However, a bathroom can be highly misleading, having you believe that you're better than you actually are! It's quite akin to two hypothetical scenarios in our daily lives:

One: you're a Frog in the well. You're the master of your domain & no one is mightier than thou, because you have no one to compete with & no one to tell you whether you're right or wrong, good or bad. 

Two: you're surrounded by people who 
  • love you (and will praise you no matter what. After all, you're the apple of their eye)
  • loathe you (their praise is spiteful & meant to hinder your progress)
  • have something to gain from you (will praise even your goofball errors)
  • are in a compulsive habit of lying or showering excessive praise. 

Like a bathroom, all the above scenarios give you absolute comfort & a sense of invincibility. But step out of the bathroom, put yourself out there in front of strangers, in difficult situations and you'll know your true worth. Figuratively speaking, throw yourself into the ocean and then learn how to swim. Yes, it is imperative that you be prepared for what you undertake; it'd be foolhardy not to be. But more often than not, you have to take that risk, that initiative which will set you apart from the crowd. It is also important to periodically conduct a self-check, know where you stand and not get swayed by the strong current of applause. Remember, a 1000000000000 folks will tell you you're good. Only a select few will genuinely point out your flaws so that you can work on them. And one of them should be you!

Listen to all, absorb the worthy and apply the absolutes.

And while you're at it, please do continue singing in the bathroom. Who knows what miracles it might seed 

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There is a reason why it's called a "healthy" debate. When two or more people indulge in dialogue, better ideas emerge amidst a lot of necessary & unnecessary chaos. What we learn by rote in school & college, what we read in the papers and hear on television is all nice & dandy but futile unless we stop accepting everything that's offered to us on a platter and start asking questions out of sheer curiosity. This thought was also sparked by an article dated January 30th 2012 in DNA by Patralekha Chatterjee, and I quote,

"How many schools in (India) encourage their students to look at a subject from multiple perspectives or train them in writing an argumentative essay? It is clear that most schools have little time for this approach. Rarely do young people get an opportunity to examine a subject from multiple, often conflicting points of view before making up their minds."

How true! Build your own questions & also lend an ear to what others have to say. If one has the gift of filtering through the clutter, they inadvertently find humor & viable solutions to the most desperate of situations. Which is why I like reading the responses of readers to articles on various websites. The common citizen has a lot of questions & not surprisingly, many solutions as well. It's always easier to sound someone off & proffer unsolicited advice but one can't deny that some of these solutions are actually very prudent. An article about the deferment of the Ayodhya verdict last year carried reports of how a faction of the nation was weary of the unending conflict and proposed a hospital be built on the disputed site which would be called Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid hospital! Controversial, debatable, but nevertheless an amicable thought. (Of course, India is a democracy & such a decision needs be a democratic one as well, weighing  the pros and cons and not, as someone pointed out on the forum, a "rich-o-cratic" one). The point being, would such a suggestion have come without the willingness to have a dialogue? NO, is the answer. Ideas like these might or might not be the panacea we seek, but they are the realisation that there are viable opinions beyond our own. And believe me that when I write these lines to you, I also write them to me, because this is a life lesson we'd do well to imbibe

Phew! Chang Baba seems to have gone into a philosophical overdrive today. I promise the next blog post will be in a lighter vein. Till then, adios & God bless.


  1. Hmmm..the quintessential bathroom and its close cousin- the very sanctum sanctorum of wisdom..a think tank over a flush tank..where you release all your food for pot and gain food for thought, where you pull down your pants and put on your thinking caps..what a bathroom is to the singer in you, the loo is to the writer inside..

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Hi Chang,

    You are really in a philosophical state of mind writing this article. But on looking how far you have reached in your current entertainment career within such a short period of time, you should be happy with a sense of pride having no regrets. You have indeed climbed many rungs of the ladder and still going strong. It is never a bad learning experience to start off as a bathroom singer turning all the negatives you mentioned to positives with the many challenges encountered like the frog in the well - bound within confines of the comfort zone. With all that said, you are now seasoned and fearless to stand before any crowd anywhere and present them with a good song, dance or MC anchoring at natural ease. I reckon you need not sing out loud any longer for a healthy debate as you have already moved on in the right direction, not far from your desired goals.

    Good luck in your continuous journey. And keep writing......

  3. There couldn't be a more simple truth in life...Its the kinda feeling that "Apne gali me sab sher hai"..I loved the presentation...Most of us are great singers in the bathroom, but rarely get the cahnce to be taht elsewhere..You have a gift and got the platform...It was a Good read..Keep it up..and keep writing